Drug abuse is the physical and psychological crave to use a substance. Most drug abusers are well aware of the dangers and health problems that come with it which is why they tend to hide the signs from family and friends.

If you think that a loved one, a friend or a colleague is under the influence of drugs then look for signs to confirm and help them come out of this dangerous addiction.

Remember that drug abuse can be of many types. While marijuana and other such substances are very popular, people even get addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. This is very dangerous as drug abuse has serious consequences.

Hundreds of people in the US lose their lives due to drug abuse because there’s no one to guide them. If you happen to know a person who is a drug abuser then help them get rid of the addiction by taking them to a rehab center to start a withdrawal program.

However, before you do so, you need to make sure that they really are into drugs. You cannot start this conversation without being sure as it might offend them. For example, just because someone is looking for ways save on MiraLax doesn’t mean they are addicted to MiraLax. Now without wasting any time, let’s have a look at five signs that can tell if a person is abusing drugs:

Losing Weight Quickly

Rapid weight loss isn’t constrained to dieting only, there can be other factors at play too. If you see someone lose weight without any apparent issue then drug abuse might be a cause as certain drugs can cause weight loss due to several reasons.

Constant drug abuse suppresses diet and increases the rate of metabolism works. This combination is the reason a drug abuser loses weight quickly.

Changes In Behavior

Drug abusers get irritated very easily on even the smallest of matters. Not being able to get what they want triggers behavioral changes. These people will easily get into quarrels and arguments with friends and family.

If you witness such behavioral changes on a drastic level then you must speak to them about it as drug abuse is a major cause of such changes.

Red Eyes

Eyes speak the truth. The redness in the eyes is a sign of drug abuse. Abusing drugs on a daily basis makes the eyes soaring and red because its physical and psychological crave restricts the person from getting regular sleep.

These people might put on sunglasses to hide their eyes so that no one can know about their addiction which their eyes clearly speak about.

Physical Changes

This is the most obvious sign that one can notice. The excessive use of drugs can leave a number of marks and symptoms on the body such as:

  • Dark circles.
  • Gray lips.
  • Loss of strength.
  • Clenching teeth.
  • Shaking of body.
  • Infection and bruises.

Thes symptoms can become worse if the abuser doesn’t get the drugs which their body so desperately craves for.


Insomnia is a major sign of drug abuse. It happens due to several reasons, especially when the person is not able to get the drug that they need. Also, insomnia can lead to other addictions.

According to research, drug abusers can easily get addicted to alcohol as well because it helps them doze off. But again, insomnia can be due to other reasons as well and can also be the cause of addiction.

It’s necessary for family members and friends not to ignore these signs and talk to the abuser because they might be suffering from extreme depression and loneliness. Talk them into joining a rehab center so that they can recover and turn a new leaf.