Children with special needs too require dental care. Unfortunately, your family dentist might not be equipped to provide your child with special needs, the most appropriate care.

That is why it is important you look for a dentist, who has the expertise, qualifications and knowledge to offer dental care to children with special needs.

Special needs dentists specialize in special needs dentistry and such dentists have the ability to offer optimal dental care to those who require it, without frightening them or causing them any distress or anxiety.

How to Find a Good Special Needs Dentist?

It can be tough and arduous finding a dentist for a child with special needs. Special needs dentistry is not a common field, so there are very few dentists who specialize in this field.

The chances of finding such a dentist are greater in a larger city than a smaller one, but there are many ways to find a good and reputable dentist who caters to patients with special needs.

Ask Other Parents

You may know other parents, who have kids with special needs. Speak to them and find out where they are taking their children for dental care. You should be able to get contact details of at least one dentist.

Speak to Your Child’s Pediatrician

Speak with your child’s pediatrician to find out whether he or she can recommend a special needs dentist. Usually, pediatricians are a treasure trove of information and will be able to guide you and recommend the perfect dentist for your child.

Local Special Needs Forums

You could be a member of local forums that allow you to connect with other parents that have children with special needs. Put up a request on the forum for a recommendation and you will be astonished at how many responses you get.

The Next Step

Short-list a few dentists and get in touch with them. They should be willing to speak with you and address your concerns. If a dentist is too busy to hold an initial discussion, move on to the next one.

You want a dental practice that has the ability to make your child feel at ease and handle any problem that may crop up during the treatment.

Furthermore, the dental practice should have the latest equipment and tools to carry out simple and complex dental procedures and also have other facilities, like wheelchairs to help young patients, who are not mobile.

It is prudent to visit the dental practice personally and speak to the dentist. Make sure you ask the dentist how he or she handles patients, who do not stay still while being seated, as this is common with children with special needs. Some dentist may opt for sedation dentistry, while others offer large chairs which let parents to sit with the child on their laps.

Remember, the dental care for children with special needs is expensive, as there are very few specialized dentists. Hence, check with your dental insurance company whether your child’s dental needs will be covered.

In case it is not, speak to your insurance provider about a discount or offer that can make the treatment cheaper for you.