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5 Technologies Being Used in the Healthcare Industry

Technological advancement is exponential, something new and better rolls out every passing day. The ripple effect has been felt in many areas, and as a result of technology and innovation, a lot has changed.

One of the sectors that has evolved thanks to technology such as HCC medical coding is healthcare. Such tools have changed operations in hospitals and clinics. This has resulted in the provision of better healthcare, better customer service, and more efficient processes. Here are some of the technologies that have been adopted in the healthcare industry.

1. Electronic health records (EHR)

Gone are the days that hospitals where everything was done manually. The EHR systems have been integrated into the different operations in medical practice. That is, documentation, pharmacy, and orders to mention a few. Such systems have seen a significant improvement in how data is handled, the efficiency of processes and therefore, better healthcare for patients.

2. Interactive kiosks

Yes, you heard right. Digital signage is not limited to transit systems but is also instrumental in healthcare. Self-service kiosks have lifted the burden of tedious registration processes. This has enhanced privacy and accuracy in the information provided in such events: some patients are not comfortable disclosing their information. Hospitals have a lot to benefit as well, this technology has eliminated the need to hire staff.

3. Virtual reality

Initially, this technology was mostly used in the entertainment industry to enhance the experience of the users. It was then adopted in architecture and the healthcare industry. The multi-sensory experience has been beneficial to both medical practitioners and patients.

The other areas of medicine that virtual reality is being used is in training of the physicians as the technology creates a realistic environment making training and learning more engaging. Virtual reality is instrumental in both treating patients and training medical practitioners.

4. 3D printing

3D printing has many applications in medicine. For one, it is used in bioprinting tissues and organoids used in medical research. The other ways 3D printing is preparations for surgeries. How does this work?

This kind of imaging is used to create organ replicas which surgeons use to practice when they are looking to undertake complex operations. 3D printing is also used to produce sterile tools which are used in surgeries. They include forceps, clamps, and hemostats, to mention a few.

5. Robot-assisted surgery

Robotic surgeries are making waves in the healthcare industry. They have made a very significant contribution to improving the efficiency of operations. Some procedures initially proved to be impossible; however, with this technology, doctors today are able to perform any kind of surgery successfully.

What are some of the advantages of robot-assisted surgeries? There is precision, control, have fewer complications, and are minimally invasive.

Virtual healthcare has also made it possible for patients to keep in touch with their doctors without necessarily being physically available at a clinic. This has resulted in great convenience and better monitoring of the patient’s health. The listed technologies have made significant changes in healthcare.

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