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How to Progress Through a Career in Medicine?

The traditional expectation about a medical degree is that you leave school, complete a degree and go straight into the career itself. However, sometimes the path isn’t always so straightforward. If you don’t leave school...
Public Health Schools

Public Health Schools in Nigeria

There are many courses offered in Nigerian universities, and public health is now one of them. Though relatively new, public health is a core discipline in Nigeria, and only a few higher institutions offer...
HCC Coding

Ways to Improve the Accuracy of HCC Coding

HCC coding if done right, has many benefits for your healthcare facility. However, if not well managed, it can have a negative impact on the revenue of your facility. For this reason, it is essential...
Public Health

What is Public Health?

Over the millennia, public health and safety have been an increasing concern for world governments and civilizations. When the Black Death – the most destructive pandemic in the history of humankind - swept through Europe,...
Medical Technology

How Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Technology has changed almost all aspects of human life. It has brought convenience and ease of doing things that could not have been thought possible just two or three decades ago. Businesses can reach their...
Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Importance of Clinical Reasoning Cycle and How to Improve It

In the daily life of a nurse, clinician or a doctor, Clinical Reasoning Cycle is a very important aspect as it can be a matter of life and death for a patient. It is...

Student Health Insurance Across US States: The Big Picture

If you are a foreign student applying to study in the U.S., there will be many surprises in store for you. While some of those surprises might be fun—from a secret, off-menu items at...
Medical Alert Systems

Top Medical Alert Systems For 2020

Medical alert systems are monitoring systems that make it easy to request help in the case of a medical emergency. They come in the form of small wearable devices such as necklaces, wristbands and...
Self-Driving Cars

Could Self-Driving Cars Become a Public Health Concern?

Our world does not stand still, and technological progress is gaining momentum. At first glance, all inventions were created for our convenience. But are all of them beneficial to us? Let’s talk about the invention...

When Will the NHI Be Implemented?

So, as soon as this bill is passed and signed by the president, South Africa will have universal health care? No. The implementation of National Health Insurance (NHI) is only expected to be completed in...
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