Chinese Medicinal Plants

Traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced as an alternative medicine since ancient times and nowadays is re-gaining its popularity as an effective way to treat various kinds of diseases.

All of this can be attributed to multiple medicinal plants that have shown to be effective remedies to multiple health problems. Scientists have extensively looked at these plants and precisely what kind of compounds are responsible for this activity.

For example, widely advertised ginseng is known for its ability to improve mental health and memory as well as improve insulin responses for diabetic patients. Goat weed has been known for its ability to treat erectile dysfunction. The Japanese raisin tree has been known as an effective cure for fever, parasitic infections, and a possible cure for hangovers.

In this article, we want to highlight some of the compounds that can be found in these plants and their beneficial effects.

Icariin not only for your masculinity

Icariin is a prenylflavanoid glucoside. This means that it contains a part that is effective as an anti-oxidant and phytosteroid bearing function that increases bioavailability.

Icariin has mostly been studied as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.  Scientists identified that it is especially effective for those who have suffered nerve damage that leads to unwanted side effects. Icariin is inducing the production of compounds that increases blood flow in the affected areas.

But not only that, icariin has been extensively studied as a possible anti-oxidant as well. It was able to interact with reactive molecules causing DNA damage, skin aging, cholesterol sedimentation in blood-stream, and more.

Icariin has also shown promising effects on your neural system and promotes anti-cancer effects.

Dihydromyricetin as a multi-purpose tool

Dihydromyricetin has been under the attention of scientists for various reasons. Scientists have identified, that dihydromyricetin can act as an effective anti-oxidant, fight against microorganisms, reduce inflamation and swelling, be an effective anti-cancer treatment and many more.

Due to its structure being a flavanoid-type compound, dihydromyricetin is effective as scavenging various reactive molecules fighting off skin aging, DNA damage, and atherosclerosis.

Also, being an analog to various steroids in our body, it can effectively treat various types of cancer by promoting several metabolic pathways to stop and reduce the spread of it.


Chinese traditional medicine has provided us with many wonderful remedies thanks to many wonderful chemicals that are still surprising us with what they can do. We have only barely touched the voids of Chinese traditional medicine by highlighting some of the prime examples, therefore, we encourage you to continue to explore all of the possibilities that this alternative medicine can provide.