Essential Tips To Reduce Radiation Exposure

Today’s world relies upon and operates primarily through Internet technology and the extraordinary ease with which we can access information at just a click of a button – connecting us to people, places, and moments worldwide.

We have become so highly dependent on wireless technology that most of us cannot go about our daily lives without using it. However, many of us do not realise the extent of the possible side effects on our health. The most common hazard is the constant exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and the radiation waves they emit.

How harmful is EMF radiation?

Although the EMF radiation that is present in our daily lives is not as intense as those found in MRI or X-ray machines, the crux of the matter is not the intensity of the radiation but the exponential amount of time we are exposed to it.

Unlike the natural radiation that our bodies are exposed to every day, such as sunshine or soil contact, our exposure to radiation from modern technologies like smart devices, Wi-Fi, microwaves, radio towers, and power lines are rising at unprecedented levels and are expected to grow even more rapidly as wireless technology develops in the coming years.

Whether or not long-term EMF exposure from daily wireless technology is harmless is an ongoing subject of discussion. While it has not been scientifically proven, it is advisable to prevent overexposure to radiation. From cutting down on your screen time to wearing radioactive protective clothing, here are a few tips to help you reduce radiation exposure in your daily life.

Distance yourself from radiation sources

Distance is your friend. The further you are from a radiation source, the lower the likelihood of you experiencing any potential side effects. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce radiation exposure. It only requires minor changes in your daily life, such as keeping your wireless gadgets away from your person whenever possible, as they may still produce radiation even when not in use.

If it is challenging to keep your smartphones or laptops away from your body, try using radioactive protective clothing whenever you have to put your phone in your pockets or lay your laptop on your lap. Alternatively, you can choose to switch your smartphone to aeroplane mode whenever it is near your person to cut down on the radiation emitted.

Similarly, reduce putting your phone to your ears – it may seem unrealistic, but it is very doable. All you have to do is text instead of call, and if that is not possible, use your phone’s speaker while talking to avoid exposing EMF radiation directly to your head.

Don’t overlook devices such as Wi-Fi routers, cordless landlines, and baby monitors – these radiate EMF as well. Try to keep them away from bedrooms or common spaces where people gather. You may also try to use a timer to turn off the Wi-Fi router automatically at night or manually when not in use. You can even go one step further and switch to using an ethernet cable for devices that can support it and consider a corded landline instead. For baby monitors, keep them at least 1 metre away from the crib.

Reduce your usage time

Just like keeping your distance, the less time you spend around a radiation source, the lesser your exposure to radiation. The best way to do this is by limiting screen time, especially if you are pregnant, have children who use wireless devices, or have an underlying disease.

In unavoidable circumstances such as working on a laptop for long hours – where your radiation exposure is the highest or longest – make sure to use radioactive protective clothing such as an EMF shielding hat or blanket to have a protective barrier between you and the radiation source. If possible, turn off the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi function on your device when not in use – especially if you can do your work offline – as this will stop the transmission and emission of radiation.

Make smarter choices

Whenever and wherever possible, reduce and avoid sources of radiation such as choosing not to use a microwave. This may be a helpful device for quick and easy meals, but a convection oven or reheating your food over the stove would be a safer option.

On the other hand, if you enjoy watching movies or playing games, download them onto your devices away from you and then play or watch when they are completely downloaded instead of streaming them. This ensures reduced exposure to radiation as you can turn your device to aeroplane mode and enjoy your movie or game safely.

It would be best if you also taught your children how to use devices safely and ensure they wear radioactive protective clothing while using them. Children are more susceptible to the effects of radiation, so reducing their exposure is vital – they will also grow up with better habits and not be too dependent on wireless technology.

Switch up your lifestyle

When it comes to reducing EMF exposure, you do not have to throw away all your devices and live in hiding; you just need to make smarter lifestyle choices.

While these tips may not completely protect you from radiation exposure, they can help limit the impact of radiation on your body and the detrimental effects on your health in the long run. Try it out and see the changes for yourself. Good luck!