Spine and Disc

Whenever we watch a celebrity in television, we use to say or think in our mind that these guys still look like a college boys.

We love to compare our self with Hollywood or famous sports celebrities but we ignore many things which they never think in their dream also.

We overlook many things like regular exercise, walk for complete one hour, brisk walk, running, jogging, yoga, gym, saunas etc.

Majority of us avoid these things due to our hectic schedule in our job. But the perfect person is that who plans for everything within 24 hours either it is sleep, official work, personal work or housework.

There is a very famous proverb in English i.e. Health is Wealth. Once health is lost everything is lost. So never ignore any health problem.

Today especially in 21st century many young boys and girls are suffering from lower and upper back pain, some are also suffering from spine and disc problem.

These people just ignore it. They think that the cause of disc pain is stress. No doubt it is correct but they can recover it.

When any health problem is at first stage, any person can plan to recover it but if the problem is at last stage then the last option is operation which is not a good sign.

Similarly if any person is suffering from spine or disc problem can recover with the help of following points. They are Regular walk for 45 minutes: – Doctors has recommended to every person that every person should do regular walk for 45 minutes.

Any person should never ignore it. There are many advantages of regular walk like you will never suffer from cervical, spine, lower and upper back pain.

Your body will be fit if you will do regular walk. There are no chances of diseases like blood pressure and diabetes. So from this point it is very clear that regular walk is the best option to stay physical and mentally fit.

Light exercise: – There is no hard and fast rule that you are supposed to go to gym and use to pick heavy weight. You can prefer light exercise for your body so that you should be physical and mentally fit.

Eat Balance diet and avoid junk food: – Doctors has also recommended that all of us should eat green vegetables and fresh fruits. In other words we can say that we all should eat balanced diet and we should avoid junk food like burger, hot dogs, pizza and especially soft drink.

What points should be considered if the pain is out of control?

Prefer physiotherapist: – If your pain is increasing day by day then you should prefer physiotherapist.

Intolerable or unbearable: – If there is an intolerable or unbearable pain in spine or disc then there is only one solution which cannot be ignore i.e.: Eminent spine”.

Eminent Spine is a privately held company whose founders have pioneered a new era in spine technology. They always provide a genuine treatment within the patient’s budget.

In other words or in simple words we can also say that if any patient is suffering from cervical pain, disc, spine or upper and lower pain then that patient should consult Neurosurgeon.

Neurosurgery is a medical specialty that focuses on diagnosis and both surgical and nonsurgical treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system.

So from this article it is very clear that if any patient is suffering from any problem in spinal cord then that patient should refer Eminent Spine because they are the best, well known and reliable company.