Walk Barefoot

When the word exercise is brought up many people often say they are going to get in shape. Unfortunately, most will spend a brief period of time doing one or two exercise routines before quitting.

The truth is that strenuous exercise is not for everyone. Yet, everyone needs to do some type of physical activity on a regular basis to stay fit and in shape. Brisk walking is the perfect solution. There are some good reasons to start incorporating walking into your daily routine.

Lose More Weight

Millions of people struggle constantly with their weight. Being overweight is a major concern for many people. A healthier diet and exercise is the main solution for this common health problem. However, many find it hard to squeeze in workouts during a busy day.

The beauty of brisk walking is that you can do it anytime of day and anywhere. No special equipment is needed. No special instructions required. Simply put on some comfortable clothing and shoes and get going.

Improve Flexibility and Mobility

As you age, your body naturally becomes less flexible. This is due to lack of activity. Mobility can become difficult when you do not physically get those muscles and limbs moving often enough.

Fortunately, you can quickly gain more flexibility and increase mobility by doing a regular walking routine. Walking strengthens weak muscles and encourages healthy bone growth.

Start out slow and gradually increase your mileage and speed until you can do a full brisk walk for at least 30-minutes without stopping.

Lower Blood Pressure

Problems such as high blood pressure can lead to heart disease or stroke. Stress plays a major role in elevated blood pressure. Obesity is another cause. Walking regularly is great for lowering blood pressure to normal levels.

Lift Your Mood

When depression hits it is tough to shake. Walking exercise is a natural way to lift your spirits by triggering mood enhancing body chemicals. Basically, the more you walk the better you feel.

Sleep Better

Lack of adequate sleep because of insomnia is detrimental to your mental and physical health. You really need a good nights sleep. Do a half hour of brisk walking each day and you’ll literally sleep like a baby.

Brisk walking is an easy way to keep your body in shape and maintain a healthy weight. Visit PedometersUSA.com for a selection of quality pedometers that can help you obtain your fitness goals.