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Mobile Apps that help keep us Healthy and fit


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New Year is coming and with that, whole new bucket list of resolutions comes along the way! All these years we take resolutions and hardly follow them even for a month. What is the reason behind failed resolutions? The main reason is very less or no motivation! What if someone keeps you motivated to keep your resolution intact throughout the year?


Research says 70 % people take health resolutions but we all know how many of them keep it for long, here are 5 awesome health apps which will keep you motivated to work out and have healthy habits throughout your life.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a fabulous app which can teach you yoga right from your cell phone screen, forget all those expensive Yoga classes and those good for nothing Yoga DVDs. You can choose from 3 difficulty levels and also time set up as per your choice.

It doesn’t only have video instructions but you can chose from 27 different routines with music of your choice or just a video, whatever you like. This is the only app which gives so many customization options! Get it from Apple Store or the Android Market.


iMuscleThis app is literally amazing, you don’t only get motivated from this, you also actually see your muscles working and stretching out! All you have to do is touch the area you want to focus your workout in and that’s it!

The app will show you different stretching and an animated series of pictures which comes with written instructions as well. You can track your improvement and workouts in the app too. If you are focused on muscle training, this one is a must have. Download  iMuscle from the Appstore

Fitbug Orb

Among all the other apps Orb is my favorite, the reason; it is just a small object which is connected to your mobile, iPad or PC.

All you have to do is wear it as a watch or keep it in your pocket, it has inbuilt pedometer which is a step counter and send the information to your connected device so you can check out the calculations made by its app KIK and enjoy the results with the burned calories. FitBug Orb is a complete fitness tracker; the app also makes sure that you eat only the right thing with its nutrition charts and with the calorie scale, you know details about every single bite you take!

You can set up your goal and then open your phone to check how much you have walked or worked out and still how much more to go! If this was not enough, this app also tracks your sleep! You can buy this must have a little device with app only in $49.95 from https://www.fitbug.com/us/orb

My Diet Coach

My Diet CoachThis app doesn’t focus on your workout too much but it’s more of a motivator. It has a unique idea of stopping you from food cravings and keep you motivated at any cost. The app also has interesting pictures which they show you to stop you from food cravings, wouldn’t you stop eating if you see pictures of slim curves and something like this written beside, “You could be this, in just 2 months!” It’s funny and interesting, there are free and pro version of the app available. download from Play store or App store


Runtastic Pedometer

This is one of the best apps to count your steps, with runtastic you no longer have to worry about how much you walked and how much calorie you burnt! In addition to step counter feature, the app also gives much information like calories burnt, time travelled and distance covered. Runtastic Pedometer is available on Google Play and Apple App Store

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