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Contrary to popular belief, hair removal methods are not a new thing. They have been used centuries before even in the ancient times.

Even though the women in olden times did not have the means and methods that women today use, they have always managed to get rid of the excess hair on their bodies. But, even today, with the developing technology, we are encountering certain health issues when it comes to hair removal methods.

But what are these problems that we are facing and what can we do about it, you can read in the following text.


Although tweezing is definitely not the best solution when it comes to bigger surfaces of the skin, it is the best choice when it comes to certain areas of the body. Tweezers are mostly used on the face, around the nipple area and other hard to reach spots.

Nevertheless, the most common issue that women encounter when plucking is ingrown hairs and different skin irritations. It is recommended to sterilize the tweezers before using them and to apply appropriate lotions afterwards.


Shaving is one of the most common methods of hair removal nowadays. It is the fastest and most convenient way to get rid of the excess hair. But how safe is it actually? Shaving might cause redness and irritations, ingrown hairs and if it happens that the razor is rusty, it may cause infections. Proper hydration and regular blade switching is a must-do.

Hair Removal Creams

There are many depilatory creams nowadays used for removing hair on our bodies. They are presented as a pain-free way to remove hairs. But, so it happens that we are not quite sure what compounds and chemicals do those creams actually contain. This said, applying those creams could lead to possible rashes, skin irritation, blisters, inflammations and other skin conditions.


Some use cold, while others opt for hot wax. Either way you are in risk of serious inflammation, redness and skin irritations. If you have sensitive skin, the hot wax may burn your skin. Also, waxing can be quite a painful experience. Other than that, when the hairs start to grow back, it is a really common case for ingrown hairs to appear.


Can you imagine like a hundred tweezers plucking your hairs one by one? Well that is approximately how using an epilator feels. It is quite an aggressive method of hair removal and can severely damage your skin, cause irritations, rashes and redness. Just as waxing, you may encounter a problem with ingrown hairs, when they start growing back.

Laser Treatments

Many people find laser treatments to be the most effective mean of hair removal as it is basically pain free and actually removes the hairs permanently. Although quite convenient, it is of course, not risk free.

Laser treatments are not recommended to people with sensitive skin as they may cause irritations and scabbing, sometimes even changes with the pigmentation. But surely, if done by a professional, laser hair removal definitely seems like the method with the least possible risks.

Unfortunately, there is no magical way of ridding ourselves from all the unpleasing hairs on our bodies and expecting it to be completely pain free. But, on the good side, with the rapid development of technology, we have evolved from simple metal tweezers to advanced laser technology.

Now all we have to do is sit and wait for the experts to come up with even more efficient treatments. What kind of technology awaits us in the future, we can only dream of.