Oral Cancer – Everything you Should Know about This Condition

When you feel sore or tumor like growth inside your mouth, then there are chances that it might be the first stage of oral cancer. Oral cancer is actually caused because of the uncontrollable growth of cells inside your mouth. This usually damages the tissues surrounding those cells.

Cancerous cells inside your mouth might start developing in many parts such as tongue, cheek, lips, throat, sinuses, both floor and roof area of your mouth, and even on the palates.

When you visit the dentist, he/she will suggest you to get tested, when they see lumps or tumor like projections inside your mouth. It is after plating of the tissue, which is extracted from that particular lumpy layer, the doctors get to know whether it is a cancerous growth or just an abnormality. Further diagnosis of the condition will be done so as to understand the progression of the condition.

What Causes Oral Cancer?

There are some reasons for the formation of cancerous tumor inside your mouth. Some are listed below.

  • Smoking: that automatically enhances the chances of you suffering from oral cancer by almost six folds.
  • Tobacco: Have the chances of giving you oral cancer 50 times over.
  • Alcohol: It works in the same pace like smoking.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

There are many pre-cancerous conditions that can help you understand whether you are suffering from the symptoms of oral cancer or not. Some are listed below.

  • When you experience bleeding in the mouth with unexplained reasons.
  • Feeling that makes you think that something is stuck inside the throat area.
  • Swallowing, talking and even chewing difficulties, which disturb you every day.
  • Sudden change in the sound waves that come out of your voice box.
  • Unexplained pain in the ears.
  • Swelling or even soreness inside your mouth, which is formed either inside or around the lips.
  • Patchy like appearance of white and red or even both colors inside the mouth.
  • Change in the overall dimension of each tooth, suddenly.
  • Unexplained weight loss.

Procedure Followed

When you visit the dental care service of the famous dentist H. Peter Ku, he will first suggest you to get the oral screening done. Oral screening actually means that the specialists from his clinic will conduct a thorough test of your mouth by personally feeling some parts in your mouth such as tongue, upper and lower areas, cheeks, etc. They will then feel the throat and face areas to see whether there is something uneven in any of those areas.

  • They look for the coloration of the lips and mouth to check whether there are any changes in the shades.
  • Lymph node palpitation will be the next procedure to look for abnormal bulging inside or around the throat and neck areas. Some of the neck regions such as upper jugular, submandibular and submental regions show intra-oral lesions, if there are any chances of sprouting of oral cancerous tumors in the future.

Even though you are new to smoking or drinking or even chewing tobacco, or have years of experience make sure to get your mouth tested to escape from developing mouth cancer.

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