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Vaping vs. Smoking: 3 Ways They’re Different and 3 Ways They’re the Same

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According to the Center for Disease Control, there are currently 37.8 million people in the United States who smoke cigarettes. Everyone agrees that this is their choice, much like people who drink, or – in states where it has been legalized – use marijuana. However, because of the well-documented health risks associated with smoking, many of these smokers search for alternatives or even a way to stop smoking.

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Whether they choose nicotine gum, patches, or going cold turkey, some people don’t want to smoke anymore. For many others, they choose to use vaping as a method of quitting. Vaping is the inhalation of a vapor that is produced when an e-liquid – often called vape juice – is heated to form an aerosol. This aerosol contains numerous fine particles which are varying amounts of nicotine and flavoring. This flavoring is what makes vaping so attractive to those who vape.

Instead of the harsh taste of a cigarette, they can get a mint, watermelon, or virtually any other flavor they like while getting their nicotine fix. This leads many in search of the best vape juice bottles with the best flavors.
There’s no denying that vaping has many differences from smoking, and most of them good. Here are three of the biggest differences between smoking and vaping:

  1. Flavors – As stated before, when it comes to cigarettes, a smoker is basically stuck with two flavors: normal and menthol. This is due to a 2009 ban by the FDA. In that ruling, candy, coffee, cola, fruit, herb, and spice flavored cigarettes became illegal. Not so with vape juice. Some of the more popular vapors are peppermint, candy crash, blue razz lemonade, and lemon tart. With this wide assortment of appealing flavors, it’s no wonder vaping has made it big with millennials.
  2. Staining – One of the premier drawbacks to smoking is the residue and staining that are left behind. Everyone has seen how white plastics become yellowed and sticky when left in a smoking environment. And the damage that smoking does to teeth is also plain to see. Vaping, on the other hand, does not stain teeth or walls. That’s because there is no tar produced in vaping. And that tar is the culprit behind the sticky residue.
  3. Public Opinion – Gone are the days when it was cool to take a smoke break. Most public venues ban smoking, forcing those who need their nicotine fix to huddle 50-feet away from doors exposed to whatever weather is happening. On the other hand, e-cigarettes haven’t been banned everywhere yet. So in states like Colorado who don’t have a state-wide vaping ban, people are free to get their vape on.

There are some similarities between vaping and cigarettes, primarily where cost and health concerns are. Here’s a brief overview of those:

  1. Health Concerns to the User – Vaping is still relatively new, so long-term studies about the effects are still ongoing. However, the primary ingredient in most e-juice is nicotine, and the adverse effects of that drug is well documented. The primary issue is that there is no regulation set about how much nicotine is allowed to be in a bottle or how evenly it’s distributed. So, as with cigarettes, there’s concern about nicotine. Vaping also has other chemicals that allow the liquid to vaporize more easily, in addition to flavorings, and it’s the combustion of those chemicals that has some health officials concerned.
  2. Health Concerns to Others – The major reason for the public smoking ban was the danger of second-hand smoke. Those are well documented. When it comes to vaping, there are concerns that second-hand vapor can worsen air quality as well. A study by Wolfgang Schober found that there was an increase of nicotine, aluminum, and PAHs where vaping occurred. PAHs – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – are found where wood, oil, and gas are burned and have been linked to lung disease and cancer.
  3. Cost – There’s no denying that cigarettes cost a pretty penny. With taxes added, a pack of smokes in Chicago is $12. With an average habit of a pack per day, that’s $4380 spent on cigarettes in a year. Vaping can be just as costly, but for different reasons. While you can get a cheap vape for $25 and a bottle of juice runs about $12. Most users use about a bottle per week, so it’s a lot cheaper than smoking. But who wants to settle for a cheap vape? That’s where the expenditure comes in; people like to splurge on a shiny tricked out vape, and those can run over $100. Considering how easy they can be to lose – they’re shaped like pens – this can get just as expensive as a cigarette habit.

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Vaping vs. Smoking
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Vaping vs. Smoking
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