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Nanotechnology a New Hope in Medicine


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Nanotechnology a New Hope in Medicine

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Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.

In a world where science and medicine are still being developed, why are there so many illnesses out there we haven’t found solutions for?


Millions of Americans are on organ donation lists and wait and pray they will get a new liver or kidney to save their lives, what about those waiting for a heart transplant? Think about individuals who have Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, and it just gets worse and worse. Then there are people who have been devastated from a car accident where there spinal cords have been damaged, and they can no longer walk.

Now imagine a world where damaged organs in the body, whether it be a liver, kidneys, or heart could all be stimulated to heal themselves. Imagine if a spinal cord damage could be repaired and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer diseases could be reversed. Would this medical solution catch your attention?

These cures are being implemented into medicine today, through the use of nanotechnology. Today, we will be going further into this topic and how nanotechnology is the new solution for many medical problems today.

Nanotechnology Now   

At Northwestern University’s Institute of Bio Nanotechnology, there is a new breed of scientists using nanotechnology along with biology to enable the body to heal itself with amazing results. Currently in the program, it’s suggested that the nanotechnology mobilizes the body’s own healing abilities to repair or regenerate damaged cells.

Lab Mice Testing

Currently, the program has been using lab mice and has documented the following results with lab mice. These lab mice who have spinal cord injuries who were paralyzed were injected with one dose of a nanotechnology regenerative medicine.

The results were amazing where just after six weeks were able to walk using their hind limbs, proving the nanomaterial is working. Using recent technology for tracking the ear tags for mice made the process easier to have the most accurate test results. Mind you this is far from human trials, but this puts everything into a positive light.

Nanotechnology Self Assembly

Well Known Doctors in this field Dr. Stupp who has been working on this project has made comments on this nanotechnology medicine stating at a hosted session on Emerging Nanotechnologies on April 23 “By injecting molecules that were designed to self-assemble into nanostructures in the spinal tissue, we have been able to rescue and regrow rapidly damaged neurons.”

Dr. Stupp’s work is based on the fundamental area of nanotechnology that works around self-assembly treatments based on an individualized basis. Stupp and his team have developed nanotech molecules that have the ability to self-assemble into nanofibers that are directed to a specific part of the body that needs treatment. Other work has been done on various organs throughout the body with similar successes.

The process has also been explored for the implications of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, and the nanotechnology seeks out brain cells that stop working properly and repair the damage. Currently, research is being done in Mexico and Canada for the bioactive nanostructures in conjunction with Stupp’s laboratory at Northwestern.


The Future of Medicine

When we as human beings look how far we’ve come, we have the glimmer of hope that nanotechnology helps take center stage to benefit mankind in ways we’ve never dreamed about. The question arises when will the human trials come into the picture for the amazing discovery we’ve seen?

Beyond this you have to ask yourself, if this is only the horizon into the Nanotechnological age in medicine, then what does the future hold?

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