While working with your physician, you have to change your lifestyle to control your diabetes. Healthy eating is essential for a diabetic patient. Get sufficient fruits, whole grains and vegetables regularly. Switch to lean meats and nonfat dairy.

Make sure to limit food with high fat and sugar. Control carbs in your diet because carbohydrates turn into sugar. If you are taking drugs or insulin to control blood sugar, you have to manage your diet strictly. If you want to control your blood sugar, make sure to modify your life.

Regular Exercise

If you are not living an active life, you can’t control your diabetes. You can manage your diabetes and weight without cross training or a gym. You can play active games, ride a bike or walk to control your diabetes.

Make sure to include a physical activity of 30 minutes that makes you breathe harder and sweat. With an energetic lifestyle, you can bring down the level of blood sugar. An active lifestyle can decrease the chances of heart diseases. Exercise can reduce stress and shed extra pounds.

Regular Checkups

Visit your doctor twice a year to control your blood sugar. Diabetes can increase the chances of heart diseases. Keep an eye on blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. You have to arrange for an eye examination annually. Visit a doctor to evaluate nerve damage and foot ulcers.

Manage Stress

Stress and depression are dangerous for everyone. If you are taking the stress, it will affect the level of blood sugar. In anxiety, it can be challenging to manage your diabetes.

During stress, you may not remember to take medicines, eat right and exercise. Try to find specific methods to relieve your stress, such as yoga, deep breathing, and relaxing hobbies.

Quit Smoking

Diabetes can lead you to different health problems, such as blood vessel disease, kidney disease, stroke, eye disease, foot problems, heart disease, and nerve damage. In this situation, smoking can increase the chances of these diseases. Smoking can make it difficult for you to breathe or do exercise.

Decrease Your Medical Expenditure with Health Insurance

This self-managed disease requires you to buy meters, insulin, test strips, and other medications. In this situation, you will need affordable health insurance.

These plans can make it easy for you to purchase drugs, supplies and educational material to prevent, manage or treat diabetes. Nowadays, it is easy to obtain suitable health insurance for diabetic people.

Control Your Alcohol

You may find it easy to control blood sugar without consuming alcohol. If you want to drink, avoid overdoing it. As per the Diabetes Association of America, women who drink alcoholic beverages should not exceed over one drink per day.

Men must control their consumption to two glasses. Eat your medicine or take insulin before drinking. Some drinks may have higher carbs, such as wine coolers. If you are counting carbs, avoid these types of drinks.

Foods to Avoid

If you are trying to control your diabetes, it is essential to avoid special drinks and food items. Avoid fruit juices because these can increase your blood sugar. Some sugar-sweetened may contain carbs that can increase the level of blood sugar.

Avoid fatty meats because they have saturated fat. These can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Consult your doctor to determine your regular serving of meat.

Stay away from processed foods, such as cookies, pastries, burgers, and chips. Avoid these foods because of their saturated fats.

These items can increase your blood cholesterol. You can prefer low-fat yogurts, nuts, veggies, and fruits. Carbonated drinks, sugar, white rice, and white flour are worst choices for a diabetic patient.

Avoid carbonated and sugary beverages, such as energy drinks, soda, and sweet tea. These items can increase glucose in your blood because of hundreds of calories in each serving.

Things to Do to Control Diabetes

A diabetic patient should check his blood sugar regularly. Low and high blood sugar levels are dangerous. Keep an eye on your blood sugar to avoid any abnormal situation.

Regularly take medicines prescribed by your doctor. You can’t miss your medicine because it will be dangerous for your health. Always remember that diabetes can be the reason for kidney or renal failure. Diabetes is associated with CKD (chronic kidney disease). If you want to avoid these diseases, drink sufficient water and eat healthy food.

Obesity can be a significant factor for diabetes. If you are overweight, you are prone to high blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. Control your eating habits to stay healthy and decrease the chances of heart diseases.

Avoid refined products, such as white rice, noodles, and white bread. They may increase your sugar. With healthy eating and regular exercise, you can decrease the chances of deadly diseases. Diabetes can reduce the level of good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


  1. Diabetes mellitus control is largely dependent on lifestyle modifications.

    And the need to watch and check regularly the sugar levels by the patient.

    In the case of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus the patient is always adviced to adopt a very controlled lifestyle partner that will ensure that those diets that are not so needed in their daily nutritional requirements are eliminated and those needed are adopted.

    The patients are equally advised to exercise properly to enhance their metabolic rates as well as digestion.

    Exercise will also aid in reducing obesity as obesity is one of the major contributing factor in diabetes.

    Once all the things listed in this article above is properly controlled,the patient would have gone a long way to treating diabetes.

    Nice article from the desk of healthable

  2. Yoga and meditation help control diabetes to great extent. Though Yoga and meditation could not be used as a main therapy to control diabetes, they can be used as a supportive therapy. Overall it can relieve one from symptoms like obesity, sleep disorder, tiredness, uneasiness, unexplained pain etc. Those who are undergoing treatment for diabetes should take recourse to yoga and meditation as a adjunctive therapy.