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It wouldn’t be news to find people trying to do all they can to love as long as possible. Did you know that that the average life expectancy recently is around 70/75 years; according to world health organization?

To some people, that’s not long enough. Nevertheless, what if I told you-you could live longer? What if there were things you could do that would make you live past 75? Would you be willing to make some changes? There is no formula for immortality yet.

However, a 114 years old man is willing to share his longevity secret with us. Why don’t you read on to find out how he’s managed to live this long. In 1901 Bernando LaPallo was born in 1901, and we lost him in 2015.

Before he died though, he made us understand that the reason he lived more than a century was that he maintained a healthy diet.

Doing this has helped him stay strong and healthy for so long it felt too good to be true. La Pallo said,, “People ask me what do you do to stay so young,” and I say, ’Well you’ve heard the old saying, you are what you eat.”

That’s coming from a professional human who knew how to live long.

His menu everyday comprised of plenty of organic fruits and vegetables. He didn’t fail to let us in on his secret before he died though.

The five special foods La Pallo believed was the reason he a long breathe out of life are;

1. Cinnamon

This is a very commonly used spice, and it isn’t just delicious, it is also known for its potent medicinal properties. Cinnamon is effective in combating cancer, bacteria and fungal infection, and heart disease. It is also believed to be able to fight against HIV.

2. Chocolate


Yummy chocolate. Who doesn’t love the taste of rich dark chocolate melting in their mouth? Eating of chocolate can have many health benefits which may include lowering of our level of cholesterol, reduce stress and improve our cognitive activities. One should make a habit of eating these babies from time to time.

3. Garlic

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I personally ensure i have at least two cloves of garlic everyday because La Pallo explained that garlic helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia.

It also helps to reduce the risk of heart failure, detoxify the body and combat several kinds of illnesses. If garlic isn’t your cup of tea and you are looking to boost your immune system, then you better load up your kitchen with these miracle workers.

4. Honey

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Natures gift to man in its sweetest form. How else can you define sweetness and wellness? Honey would forever be a bee-made product that predates over 5,000 years ago and has retained its medicinal values since its discovery.

It is a natural healing food for numerous ailments and is also used for its antibacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic properties. More so, honey is also applicable in cosmetics. Talk about a product that packs a punch.

5. Olive oil

Cannabis Olive Oil Infusions

Olive oil is just so good for human use, and experts as well as La Pallo attested to it. Olive oil had abundant, monounsaturated fats that helps our brain function better and remain healthy.

The oil helps to positively impact our cognitive functions, minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes, combat cancer, and also contains a good amount of antioxidants. You don’t know what you are missing if you haven’t tried using olive oil in your meal.

Bernando La Pallo confessed that he’s never been sick or diagnosed with any ailment in his life. Isn’t that just amazing? Someone who’s lived that long and never gotten ill?

This is not fiction. La Pallo said he followed his father’s advice, asides from eating the following food above. His father who obviously also lived long advised the late 114-year man, “He told me not to eat ordinary red meat. He said to stay away from it. Hot dogs, french fries, and all those things — don’t eat it.”

Other healthy habits that he adopted while he was alive included morning walks, playing of checkers and solving crossword puzzles. The old man was evidently a smart and intelligent man.

He says these activities helped his mind stay sharp and active. “I can remember things my father told me when I was eight years old,” he used to say. Wow! People can hardly remember what happened to them last year.

Do you know anyone or have a relative who lived a long life? Would you like to share the secret to their longevity? Please do so in the comments. Thank you