Remedies for Sore Throat

A sore throat is one of the symptoms of cold, strained vocal cords or some serious conditions including strep throat. The patients with sore throat may feel unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Therefore, every time when the soreness attacks the throat, most of the patients run to see the doctor in order to get treatment and medication. However, according to Jeffrey Linder, the best relief for sore throat is trying natural and effective home remedies.

Therefore, in this article below, I would like to share with you some effective and good home remedies to help you reduce the soreness in your throat.

Effective And Good Home Remedies For Sore Throat That You Should Know

Before I mention about the treatments on how to cure sore throat, I want to share with you the general information including definition, causes and symptoms about sore throat. When you feel the itchiness, irritation and pain on your throat, it means that you have sore throat.

The pain on throat may get worse when you try to swallow the liquid or food. People at any age can experience sore throat at least once in their life. However, certain people including smokers, children and people with weak immune system are more vulnerable to sore throat than others.

Standing or keeping the close space with others may lead to some respiratory infections including sore throat. There are various causes of sore throat including viral infection, bacterial infection and environmental factors.

Viral infections causing sore throat include croup, chickenpox, measles and mononucleosis, also, some bacterial infections such as strep throat, diphtheria and whooping cough. In addition to, if you get exposed to allergens, irritants and pollen, it will increase the risk of developing sore throat.

The mucus in your throat may be difficult to be expelled; therefore, it irritates the throat and causes inflammation or pain. Dry air or smoking also affects your throat. If you yell too loudly or talk too much, it can trigger sore throat and irritated throat.

It is important to diagnose this disease in order to get treatment. Sore throat can be cured with natural and effective home remedies and techniques.

However, if you see the severe conditions including joint pain, a rash, bloody mucus, an earache, high fever, a lump in the throat and difficulty in breathing and swallowing, it is time for you to visit the doctor to get treatments. In this article, I would like to share with you some effective and good home remedies for sore throat in order to help you treat the sore throat at home.

1. Gargle With Salt Water

It is considered as the first best home remedy for sore throat you should remember. It is proven that gargling with salt water several times during a day will help you ease swelling and pain in your throat. Moreover, salt water thins the mucus and makes it easy to expel from the throat.

In order to try this treatment, you should dissolve a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water. If it is difficult for you to gargle with salt water, an excellent solution you can try is to add a little of honey in order to sweeten the mixture. And after gargling, spit out the water. You should not swallow it.

2. Lozenges and Sprays

Hard candies with eucalyptus and menthol are proven to be effective in treating cough and sore throat. It is more effective than cough drops. Moreover sprays which are available in every department store have the same cooling effects as lozenges.

Although lozenges and sprays cannot treat sore throat completely, it will help you to ease the pain in your throat temporarily. The possible reason may be that phenol which is the active ingredient in sprays has antibacterial properties.

3. Cough syrup

Sore throat can cause cough when you try to expel the mucus from your throat. Even if you do not suffer from cough, cough syrup is effective home remedies for sore throat. Cough syrup has the same effects as lozenges and sprays. It can alleviate pain in your throat temporarily.

It is important to choose the cough syrup with non-drowsy formula. If you find it difficult to sleep, a cough syrup with Nyquil or Robitussin AC can help you reduce pain and fall into sleep.

4. Fluids

Another tip on how to treat sore throat is keeping your hydrated. Hydration will make your body system fix the problem, especially when you get sick and your throat becomes irritated and inflamed.

Therefore, you should drink enough water, particularly 8 glasses of water per day, so that the urine has light yellow color. By drinking water and fluids, you will keep the mucous membranes moist.

Moreover, your immune system improves in order to fight against the irritants and bacteria. Other symptoms related to a cold also reduce. Water is excellent but you can try other fluids like fruit juice or chicken broth.

5. Tea

Beside water, you can try herbal tea in order to cure sore throat immediately and effectively. A warm cup of herbal tea will provide you the soothing relief. Moreover non-herbal teas which are made of black, white and green leaves also boost your immune system and fight against the infection.

The possible reason may be that non-herbal tea has antioxidant properties. In order to get satisfactory results, you can add a little of honey into tea. Antibacterial properties in honey will help you to treat the sore throat faster.

6. Chicken Soup

As good home remedies for sore throat, chicken soup will soothe the unpleasant symptoms because of anti-inflammatory properties. Some patients with sore throat may find relief when eating chicken soup. Moreover, chicken soup can be effective treatment when you get sick. You should sip a little chicken soup each time in order to make sure that you get enough nutrients.

These are 6 good and effective home remedies for sore throat that I want to introduce. I would like to note that these treatments are informational purpose. If you suffer from more severe conditions, it is important to visit the doctors to get treatment.

Finally, if you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments below. I am glad for your contribution.