Fruit Painting

Food, of course, is a basic necessity. Our bodies need food for energy, to build and repair tissue, and to stave off hunger. It’s not all about the physicals needs; it also helps with emotional, psychological, and social experiences.

With all the varieties of food available to us, it’s amazing how boring preparing it can become. It seems at times we’re just tired of eating the same thing. Planning a meal becomes mind numbing when it’s the same old, same old.

To get out of that slump, try to get creative. Involving the kids is a big help in adding some fun for you and them. You can teach them good nutritional values while you work.

They will also learn the proper use of tools under your watchful eyes. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Banana Wraps

Spread peanut butter on a tortilla, place a peeled banana on top, and wrap. The peanut butter should be sticky enough to hold it closed.

Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

Make your favorite sandwich as usual and let the kids cut them into shapes with plastic cookie cutters. It’s so simple and kids love them.

Apple Smiles

Slice apples into half inch pieces. Lay one piece onto a plate, spread with peanut butter or jelly, place marshmallows upright on the apple slice and top with another apple slice. Viola! A big toothed smile.

Fruit Painting

Grab a bunch of different fruits and let the kids ‘paint’ a picture. Peeled oranges, bananas, blueberries, raisins, and kiwi are great choices for your pint-size artists.

Kids love just about anything that is covered in chocolate. Fruit is great for this. Peel and slice kiwi, cover in chocolate, push onto Popsicle sticks and you have a healthy treat. Completely cover a banana in chocolate and add raisin eyes. Covering strawberries in chocolate makes a treat you’ll be sure to enjoy also.

These are good options to make small lunches or snacks a little more interesting. They are also easy for even the smallest hands to be able to handle, so everyone can be involved in the fun.

You can have fun with your evening meal also. Let your imagination run wild. Set out a taco bar with various fillings and toppings, and let everyone make their own.

Let your kids make a funny face on a pizza by using pepperoni and olives, or their favorite topping. You can get creative with mac and cheese by letting the kids choose vegetables and a protein to throw into the mix.

Hopefully these ideas will spark your imagine and you and your kids will come up with some new and exciting meals of your own.