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home gym

Ask Eugene Pallisco: Should You Set Up a Gym in Your Home?

It seems like everyone's got some kind of home gym these days or a device that can stream coaching content or virtual roads that...
Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries: A Step-By-Step Guide to Treatment

Sports are a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. However, they do come with the risk of injuries, and when that...
Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

How to Lose Post Pregnancy Weight? 3 Effective Ways

All new moms will agree that achieving a healthy weight post-delivery can be a struggle. Your body does not automatically return to its original...
Fat Burn When Swimming

5 Tips On How You Can Maximise Your Fat Burn When Swimming

It is a well-known fact that swimming is good for health. Swimming regularly helps you to keep fit. It is a good exercise that...
Muscle Pain

Simple Way to Ease Your Post-Workout Muscle Pain

If you’ve recently started working out or are increasing your existing program’s intensity, there’s a good chance that you’ll start having aches and pains...
Nutrients for Female Athletes

6 Most Overlooked Nutrients for Female Athletes to Stay Fit

The struggle is real for female athletes! Not only do you have to deal with a scene that’s predominantly made up of men, but...

How Simple Exercises Help Out Kids With Studies?

Research conducted by experts reveals that children who exercise regularly are far more likely to do better in the academic field. It's important to...

5 Ways Yoga  Can Improve Body Positivity

While many forms of exercise may be associated with changing your body in some way, yoga is a practice that can help you to...
Swimming is Fat Burner

How Swimming is a Fantastic Fat Burner?

An hour in the pool doesn't sound like strenuous physical activity, but you could burn a lot of fat through swimming if done right....
Athlo Fitness

Staying Power Will Make Athlo the Next Fitness Unicorn

  From Jazzercise to the ThighMaster, hot new fads are a hallmark of the fitness industry. Some fall out of favor almost as quickly as...
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