Do you know what Autism is? Autism is related to difficulties of speech, awkward gesture, unable to understanding others feelings, visual misperceptions, over fears or maybe not and a lot of behavioral abnormalities that caused by the complex biological disorder.

Genetic and environmental factors were implicated and the National Autistic Society had announced that more boys in the UK affected 4 times than the girls. Improving their diet is not only going to nourish them with essential vitamins and nutrition for their healthy body development but also, you can control them from getting other unwanted diseases or food that will influence their behavior.

Is it bad to have Autism?

Autism is only affecting someone’s behavior and most of their behavior is not harmful at all. An autism person may be obsessed with music or painting and then you can use their part of interest and let them becoming the best musician or painter.

According to a true story, a mother of autism boy identified that her son is obsessed with the solar system and surprising his pediatrician because he knew all 37 of Jupiter’s moons without been taught by anybody.

There is an element of genius in autism and this type of kids also teaching the parents to accept them for who they are and not what the parents want them to be. That is the priceless lesson because most of the parents do want their kids to follow their own rules without considering what they really want and capable of.

It is the way you manage and how you see it. Autism will be something negative to you if you seeing it negatively or it will be something positive because you see what your kids capable of and what are their true talents.

Is there any medication for Autism?

Autism is treated according to their behavioral issue. Behavioral therapies are always recommended to the parents because it is the way to build less abnormal behavior or to teach them to control their behavior so the abnormality is less visible.

The top core symptoms of autism are social challenges, communication difficulties or miscommunication and too much repetition in their behavior. These are the target of any pediatrician to improve the kids’ ability to communicate, behave and socializing. Some drugs may be prescribed but most of the time the treatment is all about  without using any drugs and let them learn as normal as they can to improve their skills.

Food and Drug Administration or the FDA has approved resperidone and aripiprazole as the medications that autism patient could take to control their irritability. By relieving the irritability, the drugs are potentially reducing the dangerous or uncontrolled behavior such as tantrums, aggressiveness and even self-injuries behavior that occur.

More good news will come up about autism treatment in the future because the researchers are  developing an experiment to help normalize brain functions in autism and the compounds are being tested to find every chance to improve their behavior normally reset it back to normal functions.

What is the food that good for Autism child and building their health?

As we know, the autism kids or person are having issues with their behavior already and it is important for them to intake healthy and nutritious food to maintain their healthiness. Some of the autism people are not able to take care of themselves in term of food and there is where our role is needed. They should take any recommended food by the nutritionist to:

Balance their blood sugar – By balancing their blood sugar, you can avoid the autistic children from hyperactivity

Improve digestion – By feeding them with healthy food that improves digestion, you are avoiding the autistic children or adult from indigestion and you are keeping their gut healthy. Problematic gut is the source of unhealthy body and always causing bowel irregularities

Increase omega 3 fats – This nutrient is important to maintain a good development of brain cells. The Autistic child usually needs extra omega 3 fats than normal kids to improve their behavior, sleep pattern, speech and brain development.

Avoid food allergies – Food allergies also can happen to autistic child. They need to be referred to the nutritionist and get the advice of food that can cause allergies to them. Some test may be in place. Autism does have several undesirable food and they might be picky, but do not let this stop you from keep introduce them other healthy food for their body and brain development. Most of them are improving positively after changing their diets.

Increase vitamins and minerals intake – Some of the vitamins and minerals are needed in order to improve the symptom in autistic person and children. Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and magnesium that taken from the supplement or fresh foods help to improve the autistic children’s behavior in a positive way. Many researchers are delighted because the finding does help the autistic children to improve behaviorally by this approach.