In this era of technology, smartphones have now been evolved into smartwatches. Smartwatches are smart devices in the form of a wrist watch. You can wear them on your wrists. They, besides from being serving the function of a wrist watch also provides you with many other benefits.

These benefits include tracking your fitness and health, sending you to push notifications and even lets you play your music while you work out. For women, fitness trackers have been found to be great as far as their health tracking is concerned. Here is the list of the best fitness trackers for women. Let’s dive into the list, shall we?


The fitness trackers come in a variety of colours, shades and their bling-bling touch to them. WithingsActivité on the other side presents as a class product that adds up to a wrist watch with the obvious features of a fitness tracker.

At $450, WithingsActivité is a French designed, Swiss watch made from the calf leather, stainless steel and sapphire crystal depicts an elegant picture. It claims to have waterproofing protection up to 50 metres, so it won’t be a problem if by chance you fell into the pool one fine day.

It can connect to iOS and Android smartphones, and you can set watch faces, and you can check for the percentage of your fitness goal achieved also. The health mate app illustrates the data obtained from the WithingsActivité and presents it in the form of a graphical manner so that you can get track of your health goal. It can also remind you to take more water all day long and even before you go to bed.
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Fitbit and Tory Burch

Every one of us has come across the name of Fitbit when we talk about the fitness trackers. Fitbit is the most popular fitness tracker as of now in the world. It can do pretty much everything; it can track your sleep cycle, heart rate, steps, running, cycling and even swimming events. All the data can be synced to several devices including, iOS, Android smartphones, PCs and Mac also.

The LED indicators light up when the goal is accomplished. The Fitbit comes with Tory Burch accessories mainly designed for females. You can use Fitbit Flex that can be slotted into silver, gold and even rose gold bangles. There are also leather bracelets and pendants available to choose from. These products are sold separately, for $99.95 for Flex and $38-$195 for the Tory Burch Accessories.
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The Apple Watch Series 2

Apple has recently released its second line up for the Apple smart watch. The device is smaller, lighter and more comfortable than its predecessor. It comes in two variants, a 38 mm and 42 mm version. It is not a sports watch, but the use of thousands of apps that are available on the App Store can be used to make it work as a fitness tracker.

The built-in GPS navigation system tracks your steps, running, cycling and swimming data (the device is waterproof up to 50 metres), and then shows the data on your smartphone’s screen while it is connected to it.

Apple’s workout app lets you do more stuff when it comes to keeping track of your fitness goals. The built-in HR monitor can be used to track the heart rates. This can be a good feature for pregnant females, and with the amalgamation of sending and receiving notifications, a pregnant female can reach to the emergency services with ease. Though the Apple watch comes with a price tag of $369, it is still a good option for keeping a track on the fitness goals.
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Bellabeat Leaf

So, let us now move on to the ‘non-wrist-band’ fitness tracker category. The Bellabeat leaf is a lifestyle tracker that can be worn as a necklace or a brooch. It also has the similar functionality as that of other fitness trackers, as it helps in tracking the sleeping patterns and cycles.

One additional feature that makes it a unique product for women is the ability to track the menstrual cycles. With the price tag of $119, it can be your go to fitness tracker.
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Misfit Swarovski Shine

It follows the similar ‘non-wrist-band’ fitness tracker approach; the Misfit Swarovski Shine adds up as a bracelet and pendant necklace. The price is $70 for the smaller variant and $150 for the larger variant. The device does pretty much the same thing what a fitness tracker must do.

The additional benefit of a decent battery life and ability to get charged by the solar power is one of the features that makes Misfit Swarovski Shine unique. You can choose several accessories if you already own a Misfit Swarovski Shine device.
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Final Words

There are several other trackers available in the market, but by far we’ve found the above as worthy for the ladies out there. Give them a try and do let us know in the comments, about your favourite fitness tracker.

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