Face lifts don’t have to be incredibly invasive, extremely painful and very time consuming. A treatment known as the face thread lift can help people to get a younger look they will love and not have to go under the knife for hours on end.

What’s Involved in a Face Thread Lift?

There is a new wave of collagen-targeting facial treatments that are making big waves on the cosmetic surgery market. Medical experts are finding that collagen can assist in treating loosened and sagging skin, eliminating and reducing wrinkles and other signs of advancing age.

You can push back against the encroaching effects of age on your skin using this new type of facial treatment.

When you get face thread lift procedures done in Singapore, you will undergo a minimally invasive treatment. The specialist will insert small threads under the skin using a fine needle. The insertion process takes between 30 and 45 minutes. You should only experience slight pain at the end of each insertion.

After a few moments, the threads will be taken back out. You should feel a slightly uncomfortable sensation but no significant pain. The procedure is practically over by that point. You should be feeling fine and should be able to go home in a few minutes.

How It Works

You might be wondering how inserting threads into your skin will make you look younger. The key to this procedure is collagen. When the threads are inserted, they cause very minor damage to tissue in the face.

This triggers a response from the face’s collagen, drawing it into a healing effect that tightens the skin, targeting those areas where the threads were inserted. The result is a more youthful facial appearance.

Collagen is responsible for maintaining youthfulness by keeping skin tight and preventing wrinkles. Over time, collagen isn’t as effective as it used to be, and that can lead to sagging, fine lines and other visible signs of aging.

This face thread lift procedure will reactivate the collagen and get it to naturally make your face look younger by smoothing out and firming up the skin.

Is Face Thread Lifting Safe?

We already told you that this procedure should not be very painful, but you may have concerns about side effects and other issues. A small percentage of people do experience minor side effects, like dimpling, but these effects are very easy to correct.

Some people will suffer from soreness, bruising or other reactions to the procedure, depending on their health, skin type and other factors. All of these negative effects will disappear shortly, and most people have a generally pleasant experience with face thread lifts.

While there are some minor risks and potential side effects with this procedure, it is much safer than a traditional surgical face lift. There is less surgery involved, less damage caused to the skin and a shorter recovery time.

Most people will be able to leave the specialist’s office and go straight back to work or duties at home with no down time at all. Compare that to a traditional face lift which can come with weeks of recovery in some cases.

Face thread lifts are simply one of the safest ways to get real results that visibly reduce the aging effects everyone experiences over time. This is the kind of procedure that can benefit people of many age groups, helping them to feel better about themselves and allowing them to get the look that they want.

Choosing the Right Specialist

It’s important that you pick a surgical specialist in Singapore who is experienced at thread insertion and at getting great results. Take your time to compare your options, compare prices and consider the experience of the specialist you are considering.

This is not a procedure you want to rush into or that you should trust just anyone to perform. Only use well trained, licensed specialists when you get face thread lift procedures done in Singapore. You’ll be glad you took the time to choose carefully to ensure that you get great results.

This is a procedure that many people are very happy with after they have had it done. They love the difference it makes in their appearance.