Eyebrow Hair

Many women want to have an abundant amount of hair on the head as a sign of youth and fertility. However, if the hair grows in large number in other areas such as legs, underarms, or bikini lines, then the situation is different.

That’s when we tend to seek ways to eliminate the hair. Most of us rely on waxing, the others do shaving. But what’s really the best way when it comes to getting rid of the excess eyebrow hair?

For eyebrows, you can also seek a way to take out those pieces of hair and there is one way that’s been quite a talk among many girls; hair removal thread.

However, the following question arises: Is it a convenient technique or not?

Hair removal with 100% natural thread

  • This technique originated in Japan and the Middle East and it is safe as it has been practised for centuries.
  • The waxing thread removes excess facial hair especially in the area of ​​the eyebrows. The process is very basic and does not require the application of any chemical product. Therefore, it is considered 100% natural.

Simple procedure

The process of waxing thread is that the stylist uses one or two strands of about 65 centimeters in length, to remove hair from the root, without causing any pain.

The skin around the eyebrow should have been moisturized before the waxing begins to avoid any irritation. After the moisturizer is applied, a little talcum powder is dusted lightly on the areas so that the instrument does not slip.

The eyebrow stylist will then take a wire and do the crossing of the thread so that it moves in an X, back and forth in a controlled motion, while the other side is held against the skin. This will allow the stylist to remove the hair quickly and easily.

Finally, trim the eyebrows a bit to give it the desired shape.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing thread

Among the advantages of waxing thread we have:

  • Compared to waxing, this technique is virtually painless.
  • It takes longer to grow the hair back.
  • Can be performed while being under other dermatological procedures, such as peeling.
  • No skin irritation.
  • It’s faster and less expensive.

Regarding the disadvantages of waxing yarn, there may be mentioned:

  • The hair may break during the procedure, rather than completely removed. When that happens, the hair tends to grow back quickly.
  • Does not work on all body areas.
  • It is not recommended that you do it yourself at home.


Usually, this procedure is performed by an expert with extensive knowledge in their practice. It is applied in many aesthetic centers, and as in antiquity, the technique has been passed on from generation to generation, so it’s not confirmed which technique is the best.

In fact, today, many of the technicians and specialists in hair removal thread, are from Asia or the Middle East.