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Therapie Laser Hair Removal

Therapie Laser Hair Removal There are lots of paths to hairless body, but none with results as long lasting as laser hair removal. People who have been waxing, threading or shaving for very long time see the benefits of this method.

Waxing can be quite uncomfortable as well as expensive, if you factor in the cost over time. Shaving is painless and quick, but leaves unpleasant stubble in less than 24 hours. Therapie Laser hair removal offers an alternative for people searching for longer lasting effects.

Targeting the hair for removal Laser use electric and light pulses to warm the hair follicle and raze its origin without destroying the surrounding skin or tissue. By targeting hair follicle, the process inhibits any future hair growth.

Number of treatment required Because of the wobbled nature of the hair development cycle, in which some hair are dormant while others are actively growing, laser hair removal needs multiple treatments to removal each hair as it starts to grow.

However, the number varies from one individual to the other and it is best determined during the consultation process. Some people require four to six hair removal sessions, spread out between four to six week intervals.

Types of skins Majority of hair eradication lasers work well on light skin with dark hair. But, the technology keeps on changing, and today it’s very possible to remove dark hair on dark skin types. This is also possible to fair skinned individuals with light hair. If a person has fair skin or dark skin and light hair, it is vital to known if the clinic has the right machine for that particular hair color and skin tone.

Preparing for laser hair removal Before attending the first session, it’s important for an individual to avoid waxing for 6 weeks. The same conditions apply with the use of tweezers. The hair removal lesser needs to recognize the hair follicle with ease. However, during this period, shaving is okay.

When attending hair removal treatment, the patient needs to avoid the sun. Single tanning of the skin can lead to pigmentation in the surface they laser. In addition, people who are prone to anxiety should avoid taking coffee for twenty four hours before the session.

One day before the treatment, the patient should shave with new razor. Through shaving the laser will be able to identify the follicles. Shaving with new razors ensures that there are no bacteria that can lead to contact dermatitis after laser treatment.

Things to consider

  • It is advisable to take over the counter pain killers if you cannot tolerate pain – take it one hour before the process begins. Avoid aspirins as they lead to bruising. There are also numbing creams.
  • It is important to shave before starting laser hair removal process. Most lasers work well when you shave, others work well if the hair is long.
  • Avoid tanning right after or before laser hair removal process, as it can cause scars and burns. Due to this, it’s ideal to conduct laser hair removal process during winter. Always remember to ask the clinic about the effectiveness of this process.
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