Alopecia areata

The statistics given by American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), it was observed that male pattern baldness also known as Androgenetic Alopecia is responsible for 95% of hair loss in men. This comes in an increasing manner as one gets old.

The statistics show that in America, at age 35 about two-thirds of American men will have hair loss challenges and at age 50, it is gradually increased to approximately 85% of America men have a high degree of having thinning hair within the age bracket of 35-50. Women are not left behind on this. Hair loss society gave a report that shows that 21 million women suffer from hair loss starting from age 35. For women, this becomes worse at age 60 when not properly handled.

There are several factors that attribute to hair loss for both men and women. These factors can be peculiar to individuals depending on your body immune system and scalp strength. Some of these factors are; hereditary, Pregnancy, wrong use of hair care products, environmental chance, Physical stress, Pregnancy, poor nutrition, emotional stress, Hypothyroidism, chemotherapy, and over-styling.

Whatever be the course of your pattern of hair loss, it can either be treated or reduced. There are several remedies recommended for people with hair loss but most of them do not but into consideration hair type, scalp type and hair follicle strength. These three determines the rate at which hair loss occurs.
Follow me as I quickly show you the 4 effective ways to handle your hair loss issues haven considered your hair type and other factors which increase the rate of hair loss in both men and women.

Natural Hair Loss Ingredients

Most individuals ought to use natural ingredients to handle hair loss challenges. This is because of the uniqueness of their scalp and hair type. There are individuals that have a sensitive scalp which is easily affected by various hair loss treatment product. This ingredients enrich the scalp and eliminate baldness of hair for both men and women. Some of this ingredients are;

Eating of Nutritional food: When there is a drop or excess of vitamin and mineral contents in your meal, it can lead to hair loss. Vitamins such as vitamin A when taken in excess can lead to hair loss. This can be seen with those who take vitamin A supplements in an excessive manner.

The expected amount of vitamin A to be taken by an adult or a child over age 4 is 5,000 international unit and about 2,500 to 10,000 international unit. It is also important to note that lack of protein could lead to hair loss because the body needs protein to provide hormones responsible for hair growth. Ensure you take a moderate amount of iron because it also helps to prevent hair loss.

Making use of Green tea: Green tea contains an antiseptic and antioxidant property. This helps to fight the fungi and bacterias responsible for hair loss especially when it’s caused by the wrong use of hair products.  It also has a detoxification effect on the hair and stops the conversion of testosterone into DHT thereby promoting stopping hair loss. You can eater drink it or use it to wash your hair. Beside treatment of hair loss, green tea has other uses which is beneficial to your health

Avoid these foods: Stay away from foods that contain an excess of caffeine. This is because much caffeine can cause drastic hair loss because it caused dehydration and hormonal imbalance which leads to the production of DHT.

Avoid eating food that contains an excess of sugar. Reduce your intake of processed foods because most of them contain sodium, unhealthy fat and excess sugar which is a treat to your hair and general health.

Hair loss Supplements

Supplements are highly recommended for the treatment of hair loss especially when it’s caused as a result of pregnancy, environmental change, poor nutrition and chemotherapy. Hair loss supplements work wonders for women with hair loss as a result of pregnancy. This is because of the hormonal imbalance and lack of essential vitamins to replace the useful ones. Among various hair loss supplements, one can find in various online and offline stores, one factor that must guide your choice is the certification of such product.

Due to the uniqueness of the body of pregnant women, it is important that they use hair supplements recommended by their doctors or look for products that are FDA certified and contains the needed vitamins especially Biotin. One of such products that have gained a high recommendation and review is HairAnew unique hair formula which is the leading hair supplement among the 5 best hair supplements.

For men, you can also consult your doctor or use any of the top recommended hair supplements among the 5 best hair supplement. These products work wonders any time they are used. They do not contain chemicals that are harmful. They are Non-GMO.

iRestore Hair loss

There is special kind of people who don’t love taking drugs nor hair supplement. There are others whose hair loss can be treated in a special way, these people are those who inherited hair loss from their parents. Hereditary hair loss is always visible with age and sometimes very hard to treat but all thanks to iRestore Hair Loss technology.

This is a special form of hair treatment that makes use of an optimum amount of laser rays to improve hair growth. This technology works perfectly well as long as you are not in a hurry. Most individuals have worsened their hair loss challenges because they jump from one form of treatment to the other without allowing the proper effect of the previous treatment.

This exposes the scalp to more damage and iRestore is one good product to handle such issues. It operates with a wavelength of 650nm and has a good calibration which will reach the hair follicles and the entire hair. As a matter of facts, it has 51 medical-grade LEDs which is easily absorbed by the hair follicles. When the rays are properly absorbed, it enhances cell metabolism which stimulates fast hair growth.

This product can not be used on the skin because it was specifically designed to handle hair loss issues. If you wish to undergo laser hair removal or wrinkle treatment, there are factors to consider. They serve as a guide throughout the process.

The Use of Shampoos

Shampoos are one of the highly used hair products for women but it has lead to several issues of hair loss because of using the wrong one. There are different types of shampoo for different occasions and it is highly recommended that women with hair loss use hair loss shampoo for women and the same go for men.

This does not mean that one can not use unisex shampoo but to minimize loss, it’s better you use a specific hair loss shampoo which was built for you. There are other factors you have to consider while choosing hair loss shampoo. These factors are;

The mineral content: Most hair loss shampoo contains fragrance in a little quantity and that is one major reason why most person’s experience flaky scalp. Try and avoid hair loss shampoos that contain fragrance, gluten and paraben no matter how little the quantity.

Check the biotin level: Biotin is an essential ingredient for hair loss treatment. This is because it helps to reduce and eliminate the production of DHT and it also fights against bacteria.


You can effectively treat or prevent hair loss from occurring on your hair as long as you identify the one that works best for you. Stay with that until you see tangible results which they ought to create when effectively used. Good luck

Author Bio:

Nwaebiem Ugochukwu is a health and beauty expert/blogger who specialized in providing lasting solutions to haircare and skincare related challenges. He is the founder of Totalhairmakeup and Fullhealthcentre.