It can be really challenging to squeeze in an exercise routine at home when your day is full leaving you too tired at the end of the day to commit to a routine on a regular basis. A morning routine can benefit you more than just a healthy heart and toned muscles.

By being able to greet every day with exercise, you will be able to have a rolling metabolism that will let your body burn calories. Other benefits of a home exercise routine in the morning include a better sleep at night and increased mental alertness and sharpness. The following are the steps for your home morning exercises.

Face the Sun with Salutation

This step can help you perform your morning routine with ease. The sun salutation in Yoga provides you a gentle stretch throughout the body while you move through a series of postures. Usually, you need to hold every pose for around ten seconds while you breathe deeply; however, you can make an adjustment to the salutation to fit your needs. Hold the poses longer or flow through those poses rapidly when your body is already warmed up.

Sun salutation has many versions. According to yoga journals, the basic version starts in mountain pose which will be followed by the upward salute, forward bend while standing, plank, four-limbed staff pose, then upward facing dog and finally downward dog.

Perform Squats and Focus on the Legs, Thighs and Buttocks

You have to stand with your feet while you rest your two hands on the hips or extend your arms in your front so that a straight pine is maintained. To squat down, bend the knees and allow the seat to push back. The knees must be kept over the ankles so that you can avoid strain or injury.

Hold the squat for a breath or two or carry out one set of ten up and down pulses quickly while at the squat position. While the squat is released, the inner thighs and buttocks should be squeezed while you return to the original position. You should do the squats for ten to fifteen times. Make some variations by turning the toes out to do the plie squat or by performing split-leg squats.

Energize Your Muscles with Crunches

Do some crunches by lying on the mat with the knees pointing to your ceiling while your arms are resting behind your head. Your elbows must be kept pulled back while you raise the torso off your mat and draw your belly button toward the spin in order to engage the innermost abdominal muscles of your body.

Pause for one second at the top and then lower the torso back to your mat slowly. Repeat these for ten to fifteen times. Core muscle strengtheners like Pilates hundred, plank and yoga’s boat pose are also good to perform in the morning.

Stretch the Muscles you Worked

As with any other exercise programs, muscle stretching at the end of session is as imperative as doing it at the start. In order to release all of the muscles in your legs, you can perform the standing forward bend in yoga. You can also lie on your stomach and reach your elbows as you keep the neck in line with the spine in order to stretch your abs.


Doing stretches or exercises in the wrong way can lead to muscle injuries like torn or strained muscles. Exercise must not hurt you so if you have the pain it is better to stop the exercise and see a doctor for consultation.