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Dance Your Way to Fit: The Four Best Dancing Workouts


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Even though people know they need to exercise, there are those who don’t enjoy it and struggle to find the motivation to get up and move. Almost everyone, however, likes to dance! Dance, for many people, provides a fun way of toning the whole body without the boredom or unfamiliarity of repetitive exercise.


Any kind of music works, but what works best is fun beats and music that makes toes tap and fingers snap. Before folks choose a dance routine, however, they need to ascertain their level of fitness, consider health conditions and above all, check with a physician before beginning a dance routine. Ask the doctor about these four dance workouts.


Not many “Jazzercise” dance routines actually include jazz anymore. Nowadays, this tried-and-true dance fitness technique includes more up-to-date beats, moves and calorie burning thanks to decades of popularity and fitness experts who have improved the workouts. Many gyms offer group classes based on her workouts and techniques.

Zumba Fitness

Dance yourself silly to the beat and swing of Latin music. This diverse dance style is a combination of salsa, reggae, calypso, rumba, hip-hop and belly dancing while holding weights will tone every muscle in the body.

Exercising is much better when everyone’s having fun, and burning fat while dancing to fast, modern beats is a lot of fun. Three hundred minutes of Zumba dancing per week is enough to work the entire body to the point of experiencing an increase in stamina and seeing great results.

Ten-Minute Solution

Ten Minute Solution is a dance mix for those who don’t have much time to exercise but want a full-body, high-intensity workout experience. Ten minute segments get the dancer warmed up, cooled down, and in between there is a heart-pounding dance segment. The Ten-Minute Solution offers an excellent cardio workout while strengthening the muscles, all in a very short amount of time.

Dance Spirit

For optimal dance performance, the muscles have to be stretched and toned. Professional dancers do Dance Spirit exercises not only to perform ballet, but modern dance as well. These exercises work out the inner muscles surrounding the larger ones used to perform most dance moves. Dance Spirit includes strength training alongside traditional dance, balance, and stretching techniques.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get a great, full body workout, consider one of the dance classes or fitness videos listed above. Exercise is essential to healthy living, so if you’re not already involved in a fitness program (or are looking for a way to change up your usual routine) stop by your gym to see if they offer any dance fitness classes.

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