Given that it’s such a new phenomenon, many do not quite understand the ins and outs of vaping. Moreover, given that vaping is becoming increasingly known, many people think they understand much more about it than they actually do.

What do you know about vaping? The following is an overview of the most common vaping myths, debunked.

Vapes Give off Formaldehyde

One of the most common myths associated with vaping is that it causes you to inhale formaldehyde. Many believe this myth as it was created by The New England Journal of Medicine. However, the myth from this flawed study is based on a situation where the simulations involved repeatedly vaped at extremely high temperatures (leading to dry-hits). This is what caused the formaldehyde myth. However, it is based on a study that does not measure a realistic use of vape pens.

Nicotine Also Causes Cancer

Moreover, many believe that nicotine is a carcinogen, much like tobacco. However, studies have shown that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In other words, there are many potentially cancerous chemicals present in regular cigarettes, but nicotine is not one of them.

Vape Pens are More Addictive than Real Cigarettes

In addition to that, many have also been told that vape pens are actually more addictive than real cigarettes. However, as aforementioned, they are a safer alternative to highly toxic cigarettes. In other words, nicotine can be addictive on its own but the many other chemicals present in cigarettes are likely the true cause of their addictive appeal. Different nicotine strengths can be purchased in vape pens, so the user can slowly cure themselves of their addiction.

It Causes Popcorn Lung

Another common vaping myth is that they cause popcorn lung, which occurs from inhaling too much diacetyl. While diacetyl can certainly be hazardous in large doses, there is no e-liquid that contains enough of it to cause an issue. Moreover, many don’t include the substance at all.

They are Marketed Towards Non-Smokers

Yet another common vaping myth is that it was created as a means of drawing in non-smokers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, studies have shown that those who don’t enjoy smoking are no less likely to be attracted to vaping.

Vape Pens Can’t Help You Quit Smoking

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Nevertheless, the ability to stop smoking is one of the top features of vaping. Given that smoking actual cigarettes can be highly toxic to not only ourselves, but also others, vape pens allows people to “smoke” cannabis or tobacco without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals.

Vaping Products are Dangerous and Unregulated

Moreover, given that vaping is such a new phenomenon, many believe that the entire injury is a free-for-all and thus, using these products can be bad for your health. However, this is not the case. Up until recently, it was true that the vaping industry was unregulated.

However, in recent months, the government has swooped in and began to put its stamp all over the industry. Although there is clearly still much more work to be done, the government is already very much involved in the regulation of the vaping industry.

Overall, there are many myths associated with vaping. While some of them may be based on facts, they all stretch the truth in a variety of ways, making the claims outright egregious, to say the least. However, it is up to each individual to perform their due diligence before they decide their stance on this issue.

No matter how many studies are conducted and how many myths exists because of them, the bottom line is that vaping truly is a much safer alternative to smoking, which was one of the most popular ways to inhale things such as tobacco, up until recently.

So, before you judge someone in the streets for using their vape pen because of the media myths you’ve come across, you may want to have another think. If you’re hesitant on taking up vaping yourself, ensure you look up all the facts and form your own decision that isn’t based on fabrication.