Many people take sleep for granted, if only they knew how vital sleep is and the role it plays in one’s life and health. When we talk about sleep it doesn’t mean one should sleep whenever and whatever time he or she feels like.

You have to sleep at the required time depending on whether you work at day or night shift, but regardless of the shift you are in you should ensure that you have slept for at least a maximum of 8 hours or a minimum of six to seven hours a day and have a comfortable, right and suitable mattress and bed for your body.

In this crazy and fast moving world that we live in. Adults, Teenagers, high school and university children take stimulant drugs that are not prescribed by a doctor, to help them stay awake the whole night. They have no idea the damage they are doing to their life and health.

Sleep is not a choice, it is a vital necessity in one’s life, especially when it comes to not only your mental health but also your physical and social life. You are advised to take a good and enough sleep because:

It reduces the risk of depression – If you get enough sleep your body will get enough rest to enable you to carry out most of your daily normal routines and functions, but just in case you are highly stressed and you deprive yourself enough sleep, it may lead to you being mentally depressed hence leading to death or suicide.

If you are keen to note, you will see that many patients that admitted across the globe due to depression usually complain about lack of enough sleep. It reduces the risk of chronic and deadly diseases – such as:

  1. Heart failure
  2. Obesity
  3. Stroke
  4. Diabetes
  5. Heart attacks and many others

In the long run it will result to good health and a longer life. When it comes to diabetes if you don’t get enough sleep your blood sugar increases above the normal level it was supposed to be hence leading to diabetes. You may not see the effects of these diseases all at once, it starts gradually and eventually strike you when least expected. So to avoid the risk of the mentioned diseases get a maximum sleep of seven to eight hours a day.

It improves ones concentration and productivity – If one gets enough sleep he or she is able to concentrate and focus well in the end producing better results and performance. This is because he has allowed his brain and body to relax and also you wake up fresh, stress free, motivated and less agitated.

It leads and supports growth and development especially when it comes to teenagers and children, by producing enough hormones that not only boosts their muscles but also help them to repair their body tissues and cells. It also improves your body immunity making your immune system to be strong enough to prevent minor disease such as common cold, flu and body infections.

Safety reasons – If you have less sleep you are a safety hazard to not only you but also the people around you. Drivers, pilots and general people should ensure they take enough sleep to avoid both road and air accidents.

It increases your lifespan – The more one gets enough sleep the less risk of diseases, depression and stress hence a longer and better life.

It enables one to interact and socialize with people freely and safely since one has slept enough he or she is more relaxed, stress free and strong to control their emotions when interacting among people. But if you do not sleep enough the chances of you being moody, angry and agitated are very high.

It reduces pain especially when one is sick since scientist have come up with medications that enables patients to sleep when they are unable to do so due to pain.

Don’t become or let your children be a victim of chronic diseases such as heart attack, diabetes and also common cold, instead live not only a better, good but also a longer and safe life by ensuring that you and your family gets enough and quality sleep and also apply different options for a better night’s sleep.