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Compulsive Hoarding: 5 Things you Should Know about this Disorder

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Hoarding is a well-known condition due to television programs showing homes filled with stacks of items making it difficult for occupants to walk from room to room. However, there are things concerning the condition that most of us do not understand.

1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Many individuals have obsessive-compulsive disorders that manifest in different ways including the inability to throw away objects. Research scientists are trying to understand why people have unusual tendencies such as collecting empty cans, filthy newspapers or torn clothing. It is possible there are genetic factors or body chemistry changes that cause an individual to begin hoarding.

2. Hoarding is a Common Condition

In the past, few people understood how common hoarding is because it occurs inside homes. Many hoarders isolate themselves from others to keep the condition secret from friends and family. Other individuals only find out about the hoarding condition when possessions begin to accumulate outside. Researchers now believe over one million people within the United States have hoarding tendencies.

3. Various Age Groups

Researchers conducting studies on hoarding reveal that in many instances the condition begins in childhood. Without professional intervention, the condition can progress until it takes over an individual’s life. The average individual seeking professional treatment for hoarding is over age 49 because other physical or mental health conditions often cause government authorities to intervene.

4. There are New Treatments

Psychiatrists and therapists can offer patients new treatments for hoarding such as prescription medication for stress, anxiety or depression. In addition, weekly sessions with a mental health professional can help an individual learn the reasons they keep a massive amount of useless items. In addition to treating a patient, the therapist may also assist friends and families learn new coping mechanisms.

5. The Condition is Manageable

A therapist will often recommend hiring a professional organizer to assist a patient to throw away items. During the process, the patient often requires a place to store necessary items while clearing away clutter in a home.

Storage companies and professionals like Daffodil Storage available at http://www.daffodilstorage.com/self-storage-units-tacoma.aspx online can be sought out to aid in the organization process when a hoarder is seeking help. It helps when a storage unit can be rented for just the short duration of the organization process.

Hoarders Improve

Today, therapists and psychologists are beginning to understand why people are unable to throw away their possessions. While conquering hoarding behavior is sometimes difficult, with regular therapy sessions most individuals are able to change old thinking patterns while getting organized.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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