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Simple Tips to Evade Bad Breath

Often when we go close to some people, we find their breath to be very repulsive. Breath of certain people can be likened to stench arising out of open sewage. A person with bad mouth odor will alienate others in spite of possessing a good personality and pleasing nature. Bad breath is referred to as ‘Halitosis’ in medical parlance.

  • There are a plenty of reasons why you harbor a bad breath. Lack of oral and dental hygiene is the no. one cause of this condition. Inadequate brushing leads to bacterial growth between the teeth, on the gums, and on the tongue. Many people brush properly but neglect the cleaning of tongue. This is a grave mistake as tongue can be a breeding ground of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Flossing must also be done once a day, whereas brushing must be done twice a day. It is important to brush your teeth at night after dinner, else you risk waking up with bad mouth odor early in the morning. Make it a habit to scrape your tongue as it aids in the removal of food particles and microbial debris.  Always keep your mouth moist as dry mouth gives rise to microbial growth, which causes bad breath.
  • If you have dentures implanted in your mouth, you must clean them regularly, else they start promoting the growth of odoriferous bacteria. For better oral health, rinse your mouth with an antibacterial solution.
  • Smokers are known to suffer from bad breath and dirty, spotted teeth. At times, they may be oblivious to their own bad breath, but others keep complaining. Smokers and tobacco chewers must attend to their oral and dental health more than others.
  • Food habits highly influence how your breath will smell. Those who regularly consume foods like onions, garlic, cheese, meat, fish, and coffee are more prone to developing bad mouth odor. Chewing a mint-based gum or gargling with a fresh herbal solution is the best way to beat bad breath. Never ignore dental problems. Visit your dentist regularly both for treatment and as a preventive measure. Those consuming protein-rich foods tend to develop a bad mouth odor as proteins breakdown into amino acids that give rise to the offensive nitrogenous odor.
  • Those who follow the much-hyped low-carb diet are risking their oral health as such a diet gives rise to ketone breath. Ketones are a by-product of excessive fat burning that occurs due to low carbohydrate consumption. Never eliminate carbs from your diet completely; always have a little amount of carbs even on a diet. Hydrogen peroxide solution can act as a wonderful antiseptic agent and can be used as a mouthwash and gargle.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco-based products can cause bad breath, stain teeth, reduce your ability to taste foods, and irritate the gums. Regular mouth rinsing with hydrogen peroxide solution helps keep your breath fresh.

So, let your breath be a fresh whiff of fresh air and not a rotten stench resulting from bad food and lifestyle habits.

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