Bad Breath

Everyone has bad breath sometimes. Bad breath is caused by due to something in the lungs and gastrointestinal tract, infections and diabetes too. Due to cavities, gum disease, tonsils, dentures, crack filling.

Bad breath is also known as halitosis or malodor.
Some preventive methods of bad breath are as follows:

Brushing your teeth properly

At least twice a day for two minutes brushing should be done and in the areas where there are gums. A soft bristled brush should be used and should be replaced in every 3 to 4 months. Brushing should also be done just before one eats or 1 hour after eating.

Tongue should also be brushed as they hold up bacteria and are the causes of bad breath. However one should carefully brush the tongue for not long and not pushing it backwards.


Flossing is very important as it removes the plaque and any build up of bacteria. It should be followed once a day. Focus should be on the area where tooth meets the gum hence scraping one tooth at a time against the other is the correct procedure to be followed.

Avoidance of certain foods

Foul smelling food like garlic and onion should be avoided even though garlic helps in bringing relief to the toothache.

These foods percolate down into the blood stream and affect the lungs. Less consumption of sugar based food and fizzy drinks or preservatives.

Acidic drinks hurt the enamel of the teeth and coffee and alcohol should also be avoided since it will result to the growth of bacteria that causes bad breath. Apart from this they also dry out one’s mouth which gives stimulates the bacteria to stay even longer in the mouth.

Eating certain type of food

Apart from fruits and vegetables there are other foods which will help in getting rid of the bad breath. Eating sugar free yogurt at least once every day certainly helps as it has probiotic qualities which reduces the sulfide compounds.

Eating food which is high on vitamin D such as salmon, orange juices and eggs can also be beneficial. Spices like clove, anise and fennel seeds should be added to one’s diet.

Avoidance of tobacco and smoking

the chemicals such as nicotine present in them makes it difficult for your mouth to produce saliva and hence the mouth dries up leading to bad breath. Tobacco also is responsible for gum disease.

Going in for regular dental check up

If the bad breath is severe and is not easing out due to the home made remedies then consulting the doctor is always advisable.

Drinking lots of water

to control bad breath immediately for short term use drink water as it flushes the bacteria and gets rid of the odor.

Consuming sugar free gums and mints

As they feed bacteria they help in getting immediate relief.

Using mouthwash or mouth rinse

as they contain antibacterial properties they not only help in reducing bad odor but also keep the mouth fresh for a long time.