Healthy Kids

Growing can be hard work, especially since kids often have special needs as time goes by. You may need to treat them like their own entities with specific needs, especially since they will be growing in so many ways.

From their mind to their bodies, they will be different in many ways. If you want to have an easier time dealing with it you should look at the following tips to make your life easier:

Kids dehydrate quickly

There are many reasons for that, since water takes up a greater part of a kid’s body and kids also have faster metabolisms. This in turn means your kids will need more water to have their metabolisms work smoothly.

You may have heard the common expression of needing eight glasses worth of water a day for the average grownup, but there is no magic number when it comes to hydration.

The amount of water people need will vary from child to child due to activity, weight and amount of activity. At a complete minimum you will have your kids drinking about four glasses of water daily, but with older kids that will need to grow up to eight and more.

Staying Healthy

The kids may not ask for a drink until they are really thirsty, which means they are already dehydrated. You should offer them enough water throughout the day, especially if they are active kids that run around a lot.

If plain water is not something your kid really enjoys, you can add some frozen fruit pieces such as lime, lemon, and strawberries as well. The best way to know whether your kid gets enough water is to check out their bathroom habits.

When kids run to the bathroom every few hours, then chances are they are well hydrated for obvious reasons. When kids are sick they will do a lot of sweating, which means chances are they will lose a lot of water as well.

You may need to help them with replenishing electrolyte products instead.

Kids may need more physical activity

Kids and adolescents should have at least an hour of activity each day to stay healthy. Adults may need to have about 30 minutes of cardio about five times a week, but kids will often have more physical activity than adults.

They can also strengthen their bones through exercise, so you will need to consider this such as moderate strength training, dancing, running around and even hanging from monkey bars can be a great approach.

Keeping a clean home

When it comes to kids, some of them will have allergies and some of them may have issues with poor cleaning for obvious reasons. For the most part doing some home cleaning once in a while will help with those, from carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, dusting and a whole lot more.

When it comes to cleaning, the kids can help you out in the process and you can handle your entire house cleaning fairly easily.

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