Old-fashioned Girl Name

Many people born in the 21st century would find some old-fashioned names weird when they hear them. This is because newer names have been developed, and they sound nothing like what we are used to.

Nonetheless, old-fashioned names hold beautiful significant meanings, and many parents around the world are beginning to adopt them.

Names given to gives not only sounds cute but when they are dug up from the past, can raise the curiosity of people around.

Parents are now looking into the past to find names for their daughters to either honour their ancestors or as merely a thing of preference.

Knowing the meaning of the names you want to give to your girl child can help you eliminate the options you aren’t comfortable with.

It helps to be sure of the meaning and origin of what old-fashion girl names you may be considering.

Below are some old-fashioned girl names compiled in this article to give our readers a series of options to choose from:

  1. Amana: Vow or trust
  2. Ada: Highborn
  3. Agnes: Virtuous
  4. Adah: Adornment
  5. Alfreda: Elf power
  6. Aubrey: Elf ruler
  7. Audrey: Strong
  8. Abigail: My father’s joy and pride
  9. Alexandra: Defender of the people
  10. Amelia: Work
  11. Alice: Nobly exalted
  12. Ava: As a bird
  13. Beatrice: Bless voyager
  14. Blanche: White or pure
  15. Betsey: Dedicated to God
  16. Cicely: Blind to the beauty of self
  17. Cordelia: Daughter of the seas
  18. Claudia: Lame
  19. Chloe: Fertility or green
  20. Charity: Kindness or giving
  21. Cora: Honest
  22. Clara: Light, Clear, and bright
  23. Dorothea or Dorothy: Blessing from God
  24. Delilah: Delicate
  25. Dora: God’s gift
  26. Delphine: Dolphin
  27. Dinah: Judged or vindicated
  28. Doris: Gift of ocean
  29. Emma: Grace
  30. Edith: Spear, and wealth
  31. Elspeth, Elsie, or Bessie: God is my promise
  32. Emmeline: Rival
  33. Ella: Fairy maiden
  34. Estella: Star
  35. Elizabeth: The Creator is my fortune
  36. Emily: Rival
  37. Evelyn: Wished for child
  38. Esme: Esteemed
  39. Eden: Delight, Garden of paradise
  40. Ester: Queen
  41. Eve: Living
  42. Eva or Evie: Bringer of life
  43. Florence: Flourishing blossom
  44. Faith: Faithful
  45. Fern: Feather
  46. Flora: Flower
  47. Gladys: Royalty or princess
  48. Gertrude: Strenght or spear
  49. Gretchen or Greta: Pearl
  50. Georgiana: Farmer
  51. Hannah or Anna: Grace
  52. Harriet or Hattie: Ruler or power
  53. Hope: Desire of fulfilment
  54. Iris: Rainbow
  55. Irene: Peace
  56. Isabella or Isabel: Dedicated to God
  57. Ivy: Fidelity
  58. Jane: God is kind
  59. Joanna: God is gracious
  60. Julia: Youthful
  61. Judith: Woman of Judea
  62. Lilith: Of the night
  63. Leah: Delicate
  64. Lottie: Little woman
  65. Lydia: From Lydia
  66. Lillian: My creator is an oath
  67. Lena: She that appeals
  68. Mabel: Loveable
  69. Matilda: Strength in battle
  70. Maggie: Pearl
  71. Mia: Ocean goddess
  72. May: Greek Goddess of Spring
  73. Molly: Sea of bitterness
  74. Meredith: Lord
  75. Millicent: Labor with strength
  76. Myrtle: Tree of victory
  77. Margaret: Cluster of blossoms
  78. Mariam: Courageous
  79. Martha: Lady
  80. Mary: Star of seas
  81. Millie: Hard-working
  82. Nell or Nellie: Light
  83. Naida: Water nymph
  84. Nora: The other Aenor
  85. Olive or Olivia: Olive tree
  86. Pearl: Pearl
  87. Rachel: One of purity
  88. Rebecca: Elegant
  89. Ruth: Friend
  90. Rosaline or Rose: Rose
  91. Rinah: Declaration of joy
  92. Sapphira: Sapphire
  93. Sarah: Princess
  94. Suzanne: Lily
  95. Sophia: Wisdom
  96. Temperance: Self-control or moderation
  97. Titania: Great one
  98. Teresa: To harvest
  99. Tabitha: Gorgeous
  100. Winifred: Joy or peace
  101. Zarah: Flower
  102. Zemira: Song or palm

Old-fashioned girl names are unique because they are not common. These are names that would always draw the attention of strangers, and it would be best for both parents and the bearer of these names to know what they mean.