Sharpen Manicure Tools

It is no secret that the majority of people pay attention to the appearance of others first, and hands come in view most often. To give the most pleasant first impression, it is necessary to take care of the condition of your hands and nails as well. For this reason, everyone should have a kit of high-quality manicure instruments at home. Manicure cuticle nippers, nail files, and manicure scissors are the most effective helpers in making your fingers and nails beautiful and well-groomed. With the help of first-quality tools, the process of manicure becomes extremely easy and enjoyable.    

How to Sharpen Cuticle Nippers?

Cuticle nippers are not the regular instrument. Their structure has certain peculiar features. Due to their special design, they have curved inwards blades that are straight at the same time. As their implementation has a specific purpose, cuticle nippers should be carefully stored and sharpened. Otherwise, they will tear the skin around your nails and cause a lot of pain.

If you already have the perfect instrument and want to know how to sharpen cuticle nippers to use them for a long time, the following information will be useful.  

Is There a Way to Sharpen Cuticle Clippers?

Sharpening of cuticle clippers can be performed in two ways — manual and factory. Factory sharpening comes together with the instrument. It is performed in the process of manufacturing and maintains the good condition of the tool for up to 15 uses.

Manual sharpening is relevant when the tool worked a lot, and the blades begin to dull. It is impossible to avoid this regular procedure as cuticle clippers will be inappropriate for further utilization. Manual sharpening can be done either in professional workshops or at home. The latter option requires deep knowledge of the process, good skills, and the availability of special equipment. However, with decent determination and some effort, this way of sharpening will save you a considerable sum of money.  

Sharpening Tools for Manicure at Home

There are a few ways of sharpening manicure tools at home, but grinding is the most widespread one. In reality, the process is not as complicated as it may seem. It includes several significant actions:

  • All the parts should be unscrewed to eliminate any possibility of their damage.
  • The machine should work at a minimal speed. Move the blade in the same direction several times.
  • Use a wiper to remove dust and test your tool. In case it is not sharp enough, perform the same actions one more time.
  • Perform polishing using the polishing stick or cloth.
  • Always sanitize your tools after grinding and polishing.

Remember that to keep yourself in a safe manner; it is advisable to use protective glasses, a mask, and other equipment. 

Final Word

Working with dull instruments affects your emotional state and leads to deep wounds on your fingers. This can be dangerous not only because of a spoiled appearance but also due to violation of basic hygiene requirements. As a result, your cuticle may be infected and inflamed.

Regularly check your manicure instruments for any minor changes and always keep them in the necessary shape. Sticking to these simple rules enables you to impress everyone with your perfect manicure.