Taking care of your health can be a difficult task. Health experts constantly remind each individual to eat healthy, de-stress, go to the gym and many more.

However, the biggest impact on your health is the environment where you live in. Spending time outdoors helps in increasing activity levels while reducing blood pressure, muscle tension, and the heart rate.

This also reduces the production of stress hormones. Here are the top four health benefits of being outdoors.

Breath of Fresh Air

Most people think of air pollution as car exhaust or factory smoke, but indoor air pollution means that your home is loaded with it at levels significantly higher compared to what you would find outside.

Also, inadequate ventilation, chemicals from household paints, personal products, and mold all contribute to indoor air pollution. So, if you currently need a breath of fresh air, it is time to wear sunscreen and head outside.

If it’s been a while since your last extended outing, start small by sticking to your own backyard. It might be a good opportunity to improve the lawn to make it more enjoyable as a venue for spending time outdoors. In addition to reseeding, consider spreading wildflowers along the perimeter or in designated areas.

Sources such as https://www.naturesseed.com/wildflower-seed give homeowners an affordable way to freshen the air around their property. For those who suffer from hay fever, recurring exposure to wildflowers will help to develop a tolerance to them, at which point medication can be reduced or ceased altogether.

This will further improve your breathing experience outside in contrast to breathing indoors.

It Feels Easier to Engage in Many Exercise Activities Outdoors

It seems noticeably comfortable and easier to exercise outdoors, thanks to the green environment and a large amount of space compared to most indoor environments.

Being outside usually involves some levels of exercise even if it is a short walk. While spending time outdoors, you will be in the position to minimize the time spent sitting in your office or living room.

Even 15 to 30 minutes of simple exercises daily have a long-term benefit for your body and mind. It also minimizes your risk of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Also, outdoor pursuits increase physical activity.

By visiting a park, mountain or trail, you tend to improve or increase the amount of physical activity as compared to when you are indoors. Everybody understands how great and essential physical activity is for your health.

Spending Time Outdoors Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is associated with various illnesses which include inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and depression. Spending time in nature with your loved ones may be a perfect way to help you keep that in check.

According to most studies, students or individuals who spend time in forests tend to experience low levels of inflammation compared to those who spent time indoors or in the city.

Spending Time Outdoors Reduces Anxiety and Stress

According to most studies, individuals who spend time in nature experience low levels of depression and anxiety.

Though it may not be possible to traipse through shrubs and woods or stroll along the beach daily, taking some time outdoors with your family can help minimize anxiety and stress. This is especially true considering how exercise is shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

Also, spending time outdoors boosts your feelings of well-being and happiness, reducing the level of stress and anxiety. Whatever you may call it, ecotherapy, mindfulness or forest bathing, the wilderness cure or green time, the human being evolved in the outdoors which means that your brain benefits from the journey back to nature.

For those trying to be healthier, the key could be right outside your front door. The truth is spending more time outdoors is tied to being healthy. So, what are you waiting for?