hay fever

For some people, the summer fun gets dampened by runny noses and itchy eyes because of hay fever. The high pollen count in the air during the summer months aggravates the symptoms of hay fever, making it difficult for the sufferers to enjoy the warm weather.

Hay fever is also triggered by other allergens like dust mites, pet hair and tiny flecks of skins. You don’t necessarily have to suffer from hay fever; with a little bit of planning, you can win the battle against this allergy.

Here’s what you must do to prevent hay fever.

Wash Sheets

If you spend the whole night in a bed infected with dust mites and pollen, you’ll wake up feeling rough. You may not even be able to get any sleep because of the allergic reactions.

Therefore, wash your bed sheets at least twice a week to ease the symptoms of hay fever.

Clean Clothes

Make sure to always wear clean clothes. Pollen can stick to your clothes and if you don’t wash them regularly, you’ll end up feeling the effects of hay fever. When you wash your clothes, don’t peg them outside to dry as they’ll just get contaminated from the pollen in the air.

Shake Coat

If you are fond of wearing coats, make sure they are free of pollen before you put them on. Shake your coat before putting it back on. However, do it outside to make sure the pollen doesn’t end up in your own home.

Keep Windows Closed

If pollen gets inside your home, your hay fever will flare up. Therefore, keep your windows closed during the hot summer months.

Keep Your Pets Clean

You can stop pollen from getting into your home, but you’ll find it harder to do the same to your beloved pets. The best way to ensure that the pet hair doesn’t aggravate your symptoms is by giving your pets a regular bath or brush.

They will not like it, but if you want to battle hay fever, you must do it.

Avoid Gardening

You may be fond of gardening, but you shouldn’t do it during summer months. You’ll get exposed to pollen if you try gardening, so, get someone else do to it for you.

Avoid Alcohol

A chemical called histamine causes an inflammatory response and worsens seasonal allergies. Alcohol is packed with this chemical, so if you want to prevent hay fever, you must stay away from boozy barbecues and beer gardens.

Use Antihistamines

In order to neutralize allergens and minimize the symptoms of hay fever, use antihistamines.

There are several different prescriptions and over-the-counter antihistamines that can help relieve your hay fever. Telfast, cetirizine and loratadine are good at relieving hay fever.

However, Click Pharmacy recommends that you discuss your condition with a doctor before buying an antihistamine as they can prescribe a medicine that is best for you.

You see it isn’t too hard to battle hay fever. With proper planning, you can prevent hay fever and enjoy the hot summer days.