Physical Therapy

In today’s time, the medical field is incredibly advanced and continues to advance each day. We have been blessed with proper surgical techniques, medicines, and all kinds of different specialists that can help with a specific problem. 

One of the essential doctors that have been introduced in the last 100 years is physical therapists. They are the team of people that quickly, yet safely, get you back on your feet after an injury.

One of the body parts they know the best is the foot and ankle, so if you are starting to notice some swelling around the ankle bone and you have one of the following three conditions, think about if physical therapy is appropriate for you.

Broken or Fractured Ankles

One of the most common ankle conditions that require physical therapy is broken or fractured ankles.

If your ankle is not severely injured and does not affect any other structures in and around your ankle, you might have to only experience a short period of immobilization and limited weight-bearing. Once your ankle heals, physical therapy would begin. 

Being immobilized typically ends in a loss of range of motion, muscle atrophy, and difficulty walking or running on uneven surfaces. Your physical therapist would most likely focus on helping you get your movement and strength back.

Depending on how severe your case is and how fast your body recovers, you probably will have the ability to return to your activities within 3-6 months without any issues.

Sprained or Strained Ankles

Sprained and strained ankles tend to be similar to broken ankles in the healing process. The main difference, however, is sprained or twisted ankles usually heal on their own over time, meaning you do not have to go to a doctor to get help.

Within the first 24-48 hours, be sure to rest, ice, elevate, and compress your ankle to help with swelling and pain. 

You might suffer from pain for a little longer, but physical therapy can help you get motion back in your ankle and will help you get over any fears of hurting yourself more.

If you leave a sprained or strained ankle untreated, they can often lead to more severe fractures that will take you out of your normal activities for a lot longer than a sprain, so let your physical therapist help you get back in shape fast.

Ankles Post-Surgery

The ankle condition that requires physical therapy no matter what are ankles that have been operated on. Surgery usually leaves patients with full immobilization and complete non-weight bearing, so recovering can be a lot harder.

After your doctor tells you that your ankle has healed, physical therapy typically starts right away. Your physical therapist will be able to get you walking normally again, while also increasing your range of motion and full strength back.

Physical therapy that happens post-op usually takes a little longer than any other condition, but as long as you trust your physical therapist, you will be better in no time.