HCC Coding

HCC coding if done right, has many benefits for your healthcare facility. However, if not well managed, it can have a negative impact on the revenue of your facility.

For this reason, it is essential to make the necessary improvement in the coding environment to reduce inefficiencies and eliminate the backlog. For your coding operations to run seamlessly, here is what you need to do.

Assigning Your Coders with Other Tasks

A medical coding specialist will work best if all his focus is directed on the coding task. Therefore, you should stop delegating front office and other non-coding duties to the coding team.

Let them direct all their focus on what they can do best. With that, your medical facility will not experience any backlog.

Quit Interrupting

No one likes to be interrupted. As much as some people may be good at multitasking, it is usually challenging to perform optimally if the concentration is continuously disrupted.

Something that most people fail to mention is that multitasking consumes a lot of time. Avoid interrupting your coders and let them concentrate on the task at hand until they complete it.

Encourage your team to turn off email alerts and cut down on external meetings. That way, you will note a significant improvement in your medical coding. Blocking off distractions will allow your team to focus on the vital projects.

Do Audits to Improve Accuracy

When not so much attention is being paid to the quality of coding, most compliant issues may go unnoticed. Coding audits is a vital process that will help you improve the job of the coders.

Remember that when done, quality issues will be highlighted and addressed in good time. Make the audits as frequent as possible and have the feedback shared with the coders. This will facilitate continuous growth, which will consequently enhance your revenue cycle.


Hiring a team to do medical coding, installing the required infrastructure, and training them can be cost-intensive.

It may be impossible for your facility to accommodate such expenses, or it may weigh down your bottom line. There is a better approach to this, outsourcing the coding function.

The benefit of delegating the job to providers is that you will not only get the best medical coding skills in the market, but you will also save a lot.

Providers already have the expertise in managing the task, and their efforts are all dedicated towards coding. You are more likely to get quality work done.

Stay Up to Date

Technology changes every other day. If you want to enhance your coding, you should make a point of keeping up with the changes. Learn about new coding procedures and reporting guidelines.

The tips above will not disappoint in improving and transforming your coding department. Keep an eye on emerging trends to be equipped when new medical challenges present themselves.

Also, remember that improvement is not a one-time thing. The process is continuous: purpose to remain consistent.