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Understanding the Health Risks Associated With Cosmetic Surgery

Pretty much every surgery is going to come with some type of risk. There are ways to reduce the risks to a minimum, but it is always a good idea to be prepared for anything. Whether you’re undergoing Botox or a cheek lift, you should sit down with your doctor and discuss your potential risks.

In most cases, they’ll be minor and your doctor will be able to put your mind at ease. Within this guide, you will learn a little more about the health risks associated with cosmetic surgery.

Some Face Bigger Risks

It is absolutely pertinent to understand that some patients will face bigger risks than others. If you’re an unhealthy individual or have a serious disease, your risks will be increased significantly. For instance, those with lung disease, diabetes or obesity will face far higher risks that healthy individuals.

With this in mind, you should always speak with your doctor in advance. A good doctor like Dr. Thomas Pane will help you determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. If you’re not, there is a good chance that the risks might not be worth it.

Anesthesia Complications

Depending on the type of surgery you’re undergoing, there is a chance that you may be required to take anesthesia. If this is the case, the risks will be increased slightly. The risks are fairly rare. Nevertheless, some of the most common complications associated with anesthesia include blood clots and pneumonia.

Death is possible, but extremely rare. Some forms of cosmetic surgery, such as Botox, do not require anesthesia. If you’re worried about the risks, you should consider opting for a less invasive surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia.


Infection is a very serious problem. If an infection becomes severe enough, there is a chance that you’ll be required to have one of your limbs amputated. Infection is always a possibility when you’re getting an incision. In most cases, amputation will not be needed.

Nevertheless, there is a possibility that an infection can cause scarring to worsen. Additional surgery may also be needed. Keeping the wound clean can help to greatly reduce the risks of developing an infection! Your doctor will provide you with instructions for cleaning your own incision.

Numbness and Tingling

There is also a possibility that cosmetic surgery can lead to nerve damage. In general, this will cause numbness and tingling. Usually, these sensations will be temporary, but there is a chance that they could be permanent as well.

Skin Breakdown

In some rare cases, the patient will experience skin breakdown. This typically occurs when the healing skin actually separates from the healthy skin. In return, the patient will need to undergo surgery to have the skin removed. This can also lead to obvious scarring.

Again, these complications are pretty rare. As long as you’re a good candidate for cosmetic surgery and you select the right doctor, you should be able to avoid each and every one of these problems.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

To help reduce the risks, it is absolutely essential to choose the right surgeon for the job. When speaking with a potential candidate, you should ask about their qualification and board certification. Also, ask the doctor about their past.

How many similar surgeries have they performed. In some cases, the doctor may actually have a portfolio on their website. This is a good way to figure out precisely what you can expect to achieve by undergoing the night. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the doctor in question. If you do not, you should look for another one.

Be Prepared

It is also essential to prepare yourself for the procedure. If you’re obese, you will definitely want to lose weight before undergoing the knife. Obesity can significantly increase the risks involved. It is also pertinent to better familiarize yourself with the surgery itself.

How long will the recovery take? Will you need someone to drive you to and from the clinic? Are you positive that now is a good time to have cosmetic surgery? Be sure to find all of the answers to these questions. They can make a huge difference in the future. Choosing the right time to have surgery is a great way to keep the risks to the minimum.

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