Acidic attack on teeth is becoming a major area of concern these days. A fretting mounting issue, which is much more prominent in people who consume more of acidic edibles. Acid erosion can make teeth more sensitive to temperatures and more prone to decay.Let’s look at some of the ways to prevent teeth from acid attack.

Reduce Acidic Edibles

First and foremost thing to prevent your teeth from acid attack is surely to eliminate drinking carbohydrate drinks, fruit juices and wines. Instead what you may do is, drink lots of water, milk, coffee or tea with only adequate, less or no sugar in them. Incessant consumption of acidic beverages not only affects your teeth but also your health.

A point to be added here is that there might be situations where in you cannot avoid the consumption of these acidic beverages. For example, when you attend a business party, you really can’t avoid usage of these drinks. As a precaution what you may do is, drink it quickly with a straw and push it to the back of the mouth instead of swishing the drink around your mouth and holding it for a longer period.

Avoid Grazing Whole Day

If you really have a habit of nibbling food all day long, then you may be risking your teeth. The apt solution is to eat food with low acid or else make it a point to rinse mouth with water to neutralize acids.

Chew sugar free gums so that it helps to produce more amount of saliva inside the mouth and promotes remineralization of teeth. It is also believed that rinsing thoroughly and gargling with a spoonful of baking soda can help reduce the acidity in your mouth.

Brushing Techniques

After the consumption of high acid food, make it a point not to brush your teeth then and there. Instead brush after an hour or so. As mentioned above, rinse with water first and after an hour when the acids are neutralized, brush your teeth. Acidic edibles and drinks softens the teeth enamel making it easy to damage while brushing.

Follow the use of dental floss and tooth picks between morning and night brushing. Make use of a soft brush and be sure your toothpaste contains a high amount of fluoride.It is said that the sensitivity can be reduced with the use of fluoride pastes.

There are also tooth pastes available in stores which are specially formulated to reduce the sensitivity. But be sure to consult your dentist before using these kinds of new products. An important point to be said here is do not over brush your teeth as too much brushing is abrasive and it may lead to wearing down of your teeth.

These are some of the ways you can prevent your teeth from an acid attack. It is always important to take care of your teeth and so make it compulsory to do a routine dental checkup with your dentist. Your dentist will know better about the health of your teeth.

Your dentist can also help you informed about the dental products that can help you cure any dental problems, especially the acid attacks.The best approach is to cut down your overall consumption of fruit juice and soda drinks.