Eyebrow Hair

Damaged and thin eyebrows are a nightmare for many women. Some of the damage to women’s eyebrows was self-inflicted in a bid to make eyebrows look thin. Restoration of damaged eyebrows is not an easy task.

Many women have turned to various makeup procedures to hide the damage and improve their looks. One of the emerging beauty trends used to do this is eyebrow embroidery. There are many dangers with this procedure that many people overlook because they are too desperate to get the ‘nice look’. Some of the dangers are as follows:

It is semi-permanent

Once it is done, it is done! You have to be content with the results for about 2 years. You cannot get rid of anything that is semi-permanent easily when you no longer want it. New beauty trends are emerging every day and 2 years is a long time.

It is expensive

This procedure is expensive in salons where the quality can be ‘guaranteed’. In a bid to look more fashionable, some people are tempted by high risk ‘cheap deals’ with disastrous consequences.

It is painful

The procedure causes pain; some swelling and redness may occur. This is expected to disappear in between a few hours and a few days. Some pieces of the skin are cut away to make sure the outcome looks perfect.

Risk of infection

If you are willing to have this procedure, please make sure that the technician is highly qualified and licenced. There have been too many ‘unhappy stories’ from ladies who only wanted to look their best. Make sure all the equipment that they use are sterilised to avoid transmission of bacteria. Don’t let anyone reuse blades on you. If you can’t buy your own tools, don’t hesitate asking them to open all packages in your presence.

Brows may end up looking weird

This happens when the new brows do not match with the brow muscles. This can be rectified by making thorough checks before the procedure is complete. Once it is finished, remember its semi-permanent.

Not suitable for sensitive skin

If you know your skin is sensitive, stay away from it. You can also check with dermatologist before the procedure. Any infection to your brows can easily spread to your eyes or the whole body.

Remember the dos and don’ts

You must keep in mind that you are not supposed to scratch or scrub the brow area and remove any scabs from your eyes. Also, your brand new eyebrows are not supposed to come in contact with water for a week.

Avail expertise service

Accidents can happen and they do happen even with the qualified and licensed technician. However with expertise the risk is diminished.

One question to ask yourself before going for this procedure is whether you really need it. At times, you just want to look young and fashionable, but you end up with more than you had bargained for. You don’t want to end like the Brazilian beauty queen, who ended up losing her life because of some beauty modification that went wrong.

Author Bio:

Chris Johnson throws some tips concerning beauty and the surgical procedures to restore it. Though he makes you aware about the drawbacks of eyebrow embroidery process, he does not deny the popularity of it.