One thing I know for a fact is that parenting is not an easy job. Just when you think you have it all figured out, something crazy happens, and you begin to question what it is you are doing wrong. However, you must know that there is no ultimate manual to perfect parenting. This doesn’t mean there aren’t ways around it.

Most individuals worry that since their parents did a lousy job raising them, they might do even worst with their kids. This causes some feeling of hesitation among young adults who are of the age to start having and raising kids. The task of being a parent, the mere idea of making quick decisions that shape another person’s life can be very overwhelming. The life and health of your child are in your hands, and every decision you make goes a long way into shaping that life. Automatically, this means you can’t afford to be careless.

You should know not to assume that your child, especially from an early age, know what it is they are supposed to and not to do. They require adult supervision to maintain a healthy mental, physical, educational state. It is imperative that you as a parent strengthen the foundations of your child’s growth, and you can achieve this by making them adapt to some habits. Some of these habits should include the following;

Healthy eating habit:

It is vital that kids eat healthy during their childhood. Making sure they eat the right kind of food and making a habit of it is a step towards the direction of healthy living. This also means, you as a parent would have to practice what you preach.

It would be the highest form of hypocrisy if you continuously feed on junk and expect your kids to eat a balanced diet. Make sure to lead by being a perfect role model. You could start with a diet plan that allows them to have light meals in the morning and making sure they don’t eat late at night. Vegetables and fruits are essential.

Be sure they don’t skip meals and avoid junk food. Clearly educate them about the risks involved if they refuse to maintain a healthy diet plan. Ensure they have a sufficient amount of water after each moderate meal. Make sure they practice simple hygiene by making sure they wash their hands before and after eating. You can consult your doctor for professional advice if needed.

Do not be too hard on your child:

Depression and anxiety are not restricted to adults alone. Children, according to statistics, have more than 60 % of its population suffering from mental health such as OCD, depression and anxiety among others.

Although they don’t have to deal with adult problems such as working and paying bills, that doesn’t excuse the fact they don’t go through enough to weigh them down mentally. The school life that includes numerous homes works and end of the term exams, not to mention tests that pop up now and then, puts a form of fear in every child.

The need to perform well in school and impress the parents can be very tasking and can be burden-filled if not correctly handled. Parents should watch how they demand so much from their kids academically. You shouldn’t over stress your child to read in the form of motivating them to excel academically. Overdoing it may defeat the purpose. Ensure not to compare your child with your other children who are doing better academically.

Be sure not to compare them with other kids around the neighbourhood or your relative’s kids. Assist your child with his or her home works. Encourage your child no matter how more significant they perform. Don’t be too hard on your children to do better. Smart not force.

Maintain a positive approach:

Maintaining a positive mindset towards life is essential. You can’t afford to be negative especially around your kids. Whenever your child has an issue, -in school, with their friends, or relatives of their age-, you have to guide them positively towards the right decision to make in every situation.

Inculcating a positive habit into your kids teaches them to approach life with a positive mindset later on in life, hence, helping them overcome problems with ease. Teaching them the right way of problem-solving prepares them for more significant challenges and heightens their sense of responsibility.

Regular exercise:

Your doctor would always advise you to stay fit through regular exercise, according to a survey conducted. If your child sees you making out the time out of your busy schedule to work out, he or she would feel the need to join in, knowing how important the routine is to you, they invariably adopt the habit and develop it in themselves. Regularly exercising the body puts the doctor at bay.

This means, there won’t be any need to visit the hospital on a regular. It would also improve the bond among the family. You could start with simple walks to the parks or simple routines that would be too rigorous depending on your child’s age.


At least nine hours of sleep is vital for your kids to perfect health. The aids the body to get all the necessary supplements it needs to combat all forms of illnesses. Kids are in the habit of wanting to stay awake to watch their favourite cartoon show on TV, and it may surprise you to find how easy it is for children to access a mobile gadget so they can tap on game apps on phones when you aren’t aware.

Kids would never understand the value of sleep, no matter how much you explain it to them. They have too much energy that always has them staying awake. As a parent, you must enforce rules, punishment if needed to curb the habit of staying awake at late hours.

The health of your child is essential and making sure they go to bed early goes a long way in ensuring that they do. You can set sleep time between 8 pm and 8:30 pm with the lights off, and be sure to check on your kids at least once before you retire for the day.

Following the above steps guarantees you a sure path to good parenting. It also puts your child in a healthy and vibrant position. It isn’t easy being a parent, but actions speak louder than voice. Do the needful, and every other thing would fall in place. Developing this kind of routine isn’t magic. It takes time and constant practice for these habits to stick.