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Types of Depression

7 Types of Depression You Didn’t Know Existed

Depression is no longer a strange disease to most people anymore as we have heard of so many deaths and sicknesses that have been as a result of depression. However, what we may not...
Postpartum Depression

What Anxiety and Depression Feels Like?

Have you ever felt a strange and indescribable flow of emotions that only leads to sadness? If yes, this can be a faded picture of what anxiety and depression feel like. What anxiety and depression...
Death of a Spouse

How to Handle a Death In The Family

Death is one of those few universal experiences; no one is immune and everyone will have to experience the grief of losing a loved one. Everyone handles grief differently, in their own way. At times...
Student's Life Healthy1

Basic Stress Relief Tips For Students

According to a study published in Depression and Anxiety, a medical journal, three out of four college students are stressed with most of the students reporting suicidal thoughts. The study went on to cite some...

Long Working Hours Linked to Enhancing Depression Risk in Women

Given that today’s work environment allows for round-the-clock access to work, it’s no wonder that more and more people are clocking in more hours. However, those long hours are now being related to mental...

5 Postpartum Experiences New Mums Should Be Prepared for

Having a child can be an incredible experience, but the realities of childbirth are rarely spoken of in all their varied details. ‘Embarrassing’ postpartum health issues and experiences are left to many new mums...

Fast-tempo Songs, Dancing, Comedy Can Prevent Depression – Expert

A consultant psychiatrist at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Rotimi Coker, discusses depression with TOPE OMOGBOLAGUN What is depression? Depression is a type of psychological illness that manifests in sufferers as frequent low moods, loss...

Nigeria’s Growing Suicide Crisis and Law

Suicide is a crime in some parts of the world and Nigeria is one of the eight African countries that criminalize it. Suicide affects people from all walks of life, sometimes in silence and isolation....

5 Possible Ways to Treat Depression Without Medication

Research surrounding mental health issues has picked up over the last few decades. As a result, Doctors now have a much better understanding of the nature of things like depression and anxiety - and...

Depression and the Privilege to Stay at Home

When a woman who lived in my building became overcome by depression and decided to take a hiatus from work, and went to live with her parents who lived only a few hours away,...
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