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Sleep Problems and Bedroom Technology


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Sleep impacts your entire life. As you sleep your body performs necessary functions that help you do more than wake up refreshed. Sleep is essential for tissue repair, muscle recovery, and so much more. When you don’t get the sleep you need you can see deficits in focus and experience moodiness.


That can lead to subpar performance at work and difficulty maintaining positive relationships. We know that sleep is important.  However, for many people sleep is a sidebar to life when in fact, it should be a priority.

Sleep Problem #1: Medical Issues

Medical issues impact sleep quantity and quality. Not all can be solved, but technology within the sleep industry is making efforts to address many of these problems. Acid reflux is one of these cases.  It’s a problem that impacts one’s ability to both get to sleep as well as stay asleep. When a person lies flat, as is common when sleeping, the stomach acid can travel backwards in the digestive tract.

This can lead to a large number of symptoms including heartburn, pain, and esophageal irritation. Often times, people will wake when these symptoms occur. To address this sleep problem and others, there is the elevated positioning of an adjustable bed.

When used, gravity is able to work to keep down the acid and therefore many see improvements in sleep. Another way that the adjustable beds industry has tackled a medical matter sleep problem is via the Zero-Gravity Programmed Position.

This position was developed to reduce pressure points. “Adjustable beds can come with specialized lumbar support, massage features and pre-programmed positions,” said Jesse Crow, founder of Rest Right Mattress. The Zero-G position is commonly used by adjustable bed owners who suffer from chronic back pain.

Sleep Problem #2: Lifestyle

Not all sleep problems have a medical explanation.  Sometimes getting good sleep is a matter of lifestyle. Things like caffeine intake and stress can impact your body’s natural ability to get to sleep.  While technology in the bedroom has brought us advantages such as adjustable beds and cooling textiles, some forms of technology should not be in the bedroom.

Television sets, cell phones, lighting and video games can disrupt circadian rhythms and make it hard to fall asleep. They can also affect the quality of sleep throughout the night.  To ensure you are getting your best sleep, turn off electronic devices and if possible leave them outside the bedroom altogether.

Sleep Problem #3: Sleeping Hot

Being able to get comfortable is something many take for granted.  It is another problem some people face when trying to get to sleep. Comfort is the culmination of several aspects working together. The temperature of your room is one of these aspects and the temperature of your bed is another.

For people who sleep hot and are interrupted by night sweats, many pillows and mattress materials utilize cooling technology. To address this problem, use a Feran Ice infused pillow or a mattress made from temperature regulating latex. These are just two of many options.


Sleep Problem #4: Getting Comfortable

Tech-forward adjustable beds and strategic textiles aim to assist people with chronic pain, sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux and more. Even so, getting comfortable may be a concern unrelated to these problems.

Sleep position and the level of firmness in a mattress can work for or against you. For example, a person who sleeps primarily on the side will likely have a difficult time getting comfortable on a very firm mattress.

A stomach sleeper might be extremely uncomfortable on a very soft mattress. This is a considerable problem for couples who have differing preferences. With a standard support mattress, one person will end up uncomfortable.  The sleep industry has a solution for this as well.

By incorporating dual firmness capability into a mattress, each side of a mattress can provide different support. While bedroom technology won’t solve all your sleep woes, it can aim to improve your overall sleep.

Identifying what your own personal sleep problems are is the first step. If you are one that falls and stays asleep with no problems at all, lucky you!  Either way, advances in sleep technology can transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis.

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