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6 Injuries and Health Complications to Look for After an Auto Accident

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Car crashes are among the most common causes of long-term injuries for modern humans. A lot of health problems stemming from automobile accidents linger for years after the immediate stages of recovery. This overview covers six common afflictions to look out for after being involved in a vehicular collision.

Neck Trouble

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Whiplash can permanently harm the vertebrae within the neck. Mobility may be dramatically hindered, and pinched nerves can lead to full body paralysis if not treated expediently. “Cricks” are also very common for people healing from car accidents. The only way to prevent lasting suffering is by limiting movement for an extended period of time.

Spinal Issues

Herniated disks can happen in the neck too, but they can also reach down to the lumbar. The whole body can experience numbness from spinal damage, and the treatment of fusing two pieces into one can require a lengthy commitment to physical therapy. Walking may never be the same, but patients are lucky to avoid a total loss of maneuvering.

Broken Bones

Up front, it is easy for medical workers to identify cracked bones; unfortunately, some fractures can escape their keen attention. Some bruises can actually conceal bone injuries, especially in the ribs, fingers and toes. Excessive swelling signals that a sprain might actually be a break. A cast may be necessary to help the bone settle back into place.

Skin Lacerations

Surface wounds require a unique kind of care to stave off infections and scarring. It is important to schedule return visits to have these injuries examined a second time. These appointments can detect embedded glass and rubble. Surgical extraction is mandated to eliminate the internal presence of crash site debris.

Brain Damage

Cranial impacts can create lasting instances of trauma. Concussions may remain a recurring problem for life, and dormant mental disorders can be triggered by head trauma. The brain is composed of incredibly sensitive muscle tissue, so expert neurological care is recommended for successful rehabilitation.

Internal Bleeding

Sometimes, tears in the flesh are hidden beneath the skin, which is why it is important to check for bleeding organs. Lungs can be punctured on the steering wheel, which leads to several respiratory emergencies. Meanwhile, digestive organs can slowly drain blood without being noticed. This may result in fatality, if left unattended.

Final Note

The key to recovery is continuous treatment. Do not neglect regular clinical visits! With consistent care, a full return to health is possible.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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