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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Health Insurance


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There are many health insurance products available in the markets. They can be confusing especially because the websites that compare them rank them according to costs, but when approached the insurance company may ask for a higher premium.


Why Getting Insured is Important?

Even without the Affordable Healthcare Act, it was important for Americans to be insured against unforeseen issues and future inevitabilities. 28% of Medicare spending is for the last 6 months of a person’s life. It is hugely expensive.

People who expect such care at such a time should have to pay into the system that is largely responsible for providing the care. Remaining uninsured is an act of shortsightedness or maybe just insufficient educational resources.

With all the changes in laws governing insurance, this is an exciting time to get your insurance done. USHealth Group Private has established themselves as a group who has hires only the elite and is a good resource to look for some expert health advisers who can guide you through your insurance strategy.

How much cover you Need and its Cost

This one is the toughest question to answer because medical costs cannot be predicted. Moreover, there are so many diseases and health conditions that it is almost impossible to buy comprehensive cover for all of them.

Selecting covers for special ailments may be needed at times. People can also buy insurance cover for the entire family as it becomes cheaper then.  Of course, there are budgetary constraints that need to be considered too. Therefore, insurance cover is limited by affordability as well.

What is the Document Mentioning?

There has to be consensus ad idem between the insurance buyer and seller.  This means, what you want from your health insurance purchase should be mentioned there on paper. You need to understand what that document says about limits and sub-limits if any of expenses.

Therefore, health insurance policy may provide cover to the limit as desired by you, but the product would have tweaking that would not be conducive to your interests.

If the insurer says we cover even diagnostic, and investigation charges, but limits hospitalization charges to a much smaller percentage of the cover then, it obviously means that the insurance company is not providing a product as desired. Not only should the terminology be understood, its implications should also be clear to the buyer.

Such terminology includes definition of deadline when the insurance company would cease to be liable and the period of validity of the cover.


Your Eligibility for any Benefits due to Alternate Health Insurance Covers

People are often covered under group health insurance by their employers. This should help to reduce the premium since some amounts will be receivable under such policies. Likewise, there are Medicaid and Medicare covers to be considered.

All such factors need to be considered for purchasing health insurance as it helps to reduce the cost of the policy, i.e.; the premiums payable by the person would be proportionately lower.

Health Care Reforms and Health Insurance Exchanges

There are Health Insurance exchanges from where people can buy health plans suitable to them and their family. Plans offered in this State sponsored exchange better known as Access Health CT are offered by several companies.

If additional cover is necessary, and people can afford such cover, then they may opt for buying such additional cover “off” this exchange. While purchasing such additional cover, it is necessary to ascertain the reputation of the insurance company and the record of reimbursements.

Factors that can lead to Increase in Health Insurance Premium

Like car insurance, health insurance can also be negotiated. Factors that can adversely affect the premium include smoking, drug abuse, drinking, medical profile (i.e., conditions such as diabetes, and hypertension), etc.

These are the factors that can lead to increase or decrease of premium, notwithstanding the almost standard norms followed by almost all health insurance providers.


Health is one of the toughest things to plan for, and health insurance is a good solution for this requirement. Notwithstanding the availability of such cover, there may always be some additional expenses that need to be accommodated, and some health-related expenses such as dental treatment, for which people may have to save.

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