A shiny, glowing and healthy skin is one of the main representatives of a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Besides the fact that the skin of a person represents the age, it also represents the kind of health a person has and how well are the internal organs of the body functioning.

Besides the protection of the skin from the elements that harm its well being, one can also eat good foods to keep the skin healthy and shiny. The lines below give the best foods you must consume to keep the skin healthy and protect it from deteriorating and aging.

1. Protein

One of the necessary elements required to keep the skin healthy and fresh is protein. Although proteins help body grow, however, there function in running the mechanism and functions of internal organs of the body is what makes them special to a healthy skin.

Proteins help increase the metabolism which burns calories as a result the toxic waste in the body that harms the skin does not accumulate. Therefore, try increasing your protein intake whether it’s by consuming proteins from animal sources, vegetables or by using the best and healthy protein shakes.

2. Plum and Berries

The reason why you will see all the people with healthy and fresh skin always eating plum and berries is their antioxidant richness. The antioxidants are the primary factors that are responsible for the freshness of the skin.

The antioxidants fight and nullify the effects of free radicals that harm the health of the body in general and skin in particular. Thus eating plums and berries would keep your skin healthy and glowing.

3. Canola ,Walnuts and Fish Oil

Although these three foods are different, where the first two belong to nuts category while the third is meat, however, the ingredient that makes them to hold the same benefits for the skin is omega 3 fatty acid.

This fatty acid is responsible for controlling the cholesterol levels in addition to keeping the skin from drying out. Therefore, consuming these foods leads to better health and a good and nourished skin.

4. Whole Wheat

The benefits of whole wheat foods is evident when it comes to general healthy and especially dieting. However, the whole wheat based foods are can also be very beneficial pertaining to the health of the skin.

The reason why they are good in this regard is the mineral known as selenium present in them. This mineral plays a vital role in keeping the skin cells alive and healthy. Thus, if you wish to keep your skin healthy and fresh then consume whole wheat based foods.

5. Green Tea

Nothing works better for your skin when it comes to green tea. The major reason behind the effectiveness of green tea pertinent to skin health is the loads of antioxidants present in it. Therefore, if you wish your skin to stay healthy and not fall prey to the effects of free radicals then consume at least three cups of green tea every day.

6. Water

There is no better solution to achieving a healthy and lively skin than drinking water and even tons of it. Water is the natural solution to purifying the body, therefore, keeping your body hydrated all the time ensures that the toxic wastes are consistently removed from the body, thus keeping the skin healthy.


In a nutshell, skin is one of the visible aspects of human health. A pure and healthy skin signifies a healthy body with no signs of aging.