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What is This Weird Thing on My Skin? Dealing With Moles, Skin Tags, and Other Issues


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You must live in the skin you are in, and you need to make sure that you protect your skin. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and it protects everything that is within, and holds it all together. But sometimes things can go wrong with your skin.


There are skin problems that are just a normal part of aging and won’t harm you in any way. And then there are skin issues that could be a problem and should lead you right to the doctor’s office if you find them.


Moles are one of those things that many people have but not many people think to check them often. A mole can easily be cancerous, so it helps to know what to look for when it comes to your moles. The ABCDE method tells you what a normal mole should look like.

If you have a mole that is lumpy, uneven, or multiple or changing colors, you definitely need to get it checked out by the doctor. Early detection is important when it comes to the possible spread of skin cancer.

Skin Tags

Skin tags aren’t a health hazard, and they don’t mean that anything is wrong with you. Many people live with these pieces of skin that are caused by friction, mainly. However, some people find them annoying.

If you have a skin tag in an annoying or uncomfortable area you may want to get it removed. You don’t need to take a trip to the doctor though, just purchase a natural oil remover that will get rid of them even in the most sensitive areas.

Age Spots

Age spots come with age, and sometimes that can be mistaken for melanoma. Age spots are generally a flat darker spot that appears, and not raised like a mole or a cancerous mole. However, if it’s a new spot and looks weird to you it is OK to get it checked out.

If you know it’s simply an age spot, and you aren’t ready for that yet, lemon juice can be a great natural skin lightener.


Pimples aren’t just for teenagers. Adults get them as well, some all their lives. Generally a pimple is easy to determine, and not confused with other types of skin ailments. Aside from the occasional blister or hives, pimples can be dealt with.

If it’s hives you have, use an allergy cream. For pimples, talk to a dermatologist if they are bad. If you just get an occasional pimple try some tea tree oil to help it dry up and heal. Make sure you wash your face every morning, and every night before bed, and you may be able to avoid pimples all together.


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