Online Pharmacy

These days, buying things from the comfort of your home has become easy, and that includes getting prescribed medications.

An online pharmacy, mail-order pharmacy, or internet pharmacy is not so different from your walk-in pharmacy. It is a pharmacy that operates on the internet and delivers orders to customers via courier services, mail, or shipping companies.

There are several online pharmacies, and they include both legitimate and illegitimate ones. “Brick-and-mortar” pharmacies online sales outlet, Independent online-only pharmacy sites, sites that represent partnership among pharmacies are all categorized as online pharmacies.

With the surge in internet use and e-commerce we currently experience in Nigeria, people have become more comfortable ordering their needs over the internet, and this includes ordering both prescription and nonprescription medications over the internet.

For more than 20 years, people all over the world have comfortably ordered medicines from online pharmacies, and the number of people joining the train of online customers is fast increasing.

As at the year 2008, an estimated total of 2986 pharmacies was in operation. Today, the number has tripled, and that is why it is essential to know which online pharmacy is reliable and sells only the best quality medicines.

Here is a list of of the top online pharmacies in Nigeria today;


HealthPlus Limited is a name you are probably familiar with. HealthPlus is the first Integrative Pharmacy in Nigeria and still the fastest-growing pharmacy chain in West Africa.

From the start, HealthPlus has differentiated itself as the Pharmacy of Choice for many via the provision of high-quality healthcare products like nutritional supplements, medicines, home medical equipment, mobility aids, natural remedies, and pharmacy services, by certified and qualified healthcare professionals, in a hygienic and customer-friendly environment.

HealthPlus offers essential pharmacy services in West-African communities and has carved a unique niche for themselves by providing excellent counseling services geared towards educating customers on the myriad of available alternatives in getting holistic healthcare solutions.

A bonus for patronizing them is their Free Delivery service, which is very cost-effective for customers and a life-saver for the elderly. is another reliable online pharmacy that you can trust in Nigeria.

Specially created to provide safety, reliability, convenience, and spread in medicines procurement and ordering for consumers via sourcing from only reliable registered sources and ensuring safety based on a well-planned quality assurance process. currently operates in 28 out of the 36 states in Nigeria and provides the best quality medications and access to the market for services providers and healthcare products and to provide safety, reliability, and convenience for medicine customers.

Drugstore Nigeria

Drugstore Nigeria not only a good quality drugstore, but it is also one of Nigeria’s most prominent online pharmacy stores where you can purchase medical and hospital equipment, as well as drugs, from the best-registered pharmacies in Nigeria and has it promptly delivered to your doorstep.

Drugstore Nigeria helps you get easier and faster access to medicines wherever and whatever you want in Nigeria.

The platform is one that enables pharmacies to get through to more customers outside the locality of it is brick and mortar shop, and also reduce drug wastage due to low patronage or expiry dates.

Patients can consistently buy drugs on this platform, knowing that the pharmacy they are patronizing is registered and trustworthy.

Drugstore Nigeria also makes drugs more affordable and accessible by giving customers the option to buy the same quality of medicines at lower prices from various pharmacies. is the online store, and the brand name of Malbo Pharmacy, which from inception, has brought to its customers the convenience of a reliable Online Pharmacy Services (OPS).

The online pharmacy is fully stocked with everything you may need from a pharmacy. You get a wide range of good quality and safe medication from reputable brands and manufacturers.

At, customers are offered the chance to fill-up their doctor’s prescription by offerings a broad spectrum of Over The Counter medicines (OTC) and Prescription Only Medicine (POM – subject regulation).

Apart from medications, they also offer a wide range of products that are related to health and wellness, such as sexual health, weight management, and feminine hygiene. also stocks a variety of toiletries, medical and diagnostic equipment, mother and baby items, beauty products, including other items you may want for your daily needs.

The M-medix is an online pharmacy that invests a lot of resources and effort in making sure that they source for potent and genuine medication and also puts in the work needed to bring to their customers home, desk, and mobile devices a shopping experience, that is worthwhile.

Asset Pharmacy Online

Asset Pharmacy is one of the online pharmacy stores that offer sales of high blood pressure medicines, prescription medicines, sexual well being, vitamins, beauty products, cholesterol medication, diabetes medication, fertility drugs, and lots more.

You can find assets pharmacy at their physical store located at number 1 Olugbesan Close Off Adegbeyemi Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Nett Pharmacy Ltd

Nett Pharmacy Ltd has a physical store and an online presence, as well. Nett Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical company incorporated as a limited liability company in Nigeria with the RC number 481992.

Nett Pharmacy is licensed by the Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria to carry out the sales and distribution of various types of drugs and pharmaceutical products.

Nett Pharmacy engages in the retailing and distribution of only safe and legal pharmaceuticals in their various retail outlets.

Nett Pharmacy also sells a wide variety of beauty and health products and also offer professional counseling on how and why to use these products.

Green Herbs & Nutrition Store

Green Herbs Nigeria is one pharmacy whose mission you can guess from its name. Green Herbs & Nutrition Store is an online store primarily devoted to exclusively providing help to its customers on ways to improve the quality of their lives via the provision of herbal products and herbal nutritional supplements.

Their online pharmacy is always accessible, but If you are not comfy making a payment online on this site, there is Cash on Delivery payment option that you can take advantage of.

With Cash on delivery, you do not have to pay in cash until you see what you are buying, and you actually like it. However, this cash on delivery service is limited to a few Nigerian states for now.


Medplus is one of the leading online pharmacy and beauty retailers in Nigeria.

With over 35 physical stores nationwide, the goal of Medplus is to help its many customers live their best lives by looking great and feeling good. As you may guess, Medplus Limited is one of the oldest pharmacies in the country.

Incorporated on the 23rd of November 1993 as the very first retail, a pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, Medplus has continued to live up to expectations as they deliver the best value of services to thousands of customers.

They ensure to deliver straight to your doorstep wherever you are in Nigeria when you order food products online, and they also promise a 2 to 3 days delivery within Lagos state for readily available items and in their store and 3 to 7 days for special requests that are readily available in Nigeria, while shipments to other states might get an extension by an additional 48-72 hours.

It is essential to know that shipping is restricted to Nigeria under the legal terms of use.


Jumia is known to be one of the biggest e-commerce sites, and they also provide an online pharmacy platform that gives you direct access to high-quality sanitizers, nutritional supplements, herbal cream, safe sex products, weight loss, vitamins, weight gain drugs, pregnancy test kits and lots more.


Konga is another popular e-commerce store that also features an online pharmacy store. They provide you with a wide range of high quality and original medicines, energy supplements, diabetes care, anti-allergy drugs, adult diaper, analgesics & anti-helmetics, eye, ear, & nasal care products.

Frequently Asked Questions about online pharmacies

Is it legal to buy prescription drugs online?

Yes and no. Purchasing controlled substances over the internet without a valid prescription could be punishable by imprisonment under Federal law. Usually, drugs ordered from the rogue websites are from foreign countries. Purchasing controlled medication over the internet may be not only illegal but also dangerous.

Can Online doctors prescribe Xanax?

Doctors may be allowed to prescribe Xanax online, and they may also issue prescriptions for social anxiety.

However, if they must prescribe Xanax, most doctors should have evidence of a specific fear that a person is dealing with. If they do otherwise, it may cause damage to their credentials.

Can I get a prescription without seeing a doctor?

No, you can’t. To purchase prescription medications, the essential requirement is that you have an actual prescription from a doctor to give to the pharmacist.

The pharmacy must request for your doctor’s signature on your order. Some online pharmacies will claim that they have an in-house “doctor” who can write you a prescription without meeting you in person.

What is the function of PCN?

PCN stands for Pharmacists Council of Nigeria. The PCN is a Federal Government Agency of Nigeria, which was established by Decree 91 of 1992 which is now Act 91 of 1992 — as a result of the transfer of leadership from military to civilian rule in 1999— to take on the responsibility of regulating and controlling the practice of pharmacy in Nigeria.

What is a superintendent pharmacist?

A superintendent pharmacist is a role that is established by the Act to ensures that the administration and management of the sale and supply of drugs and other medical products in retail pharmacies in Nigeria is strictly under the control of a qualified pharmacist with a specific minimum level of experience.

Who is the first pharmacist in Nigeria?

This is a fun fact that only a few people know. According to the available official records, the first registered Nigerian pharmacist was Mr.

Emmanuel Caulcrick. Me Emmanuel was registered on the 1st of September 1902 and later opened a medicine store in Lagos, Nigeria.

Now you know where to search if you don’t want to walk to a pharmacy store. Ensure that you take advantage of these online pharmacy stores when next you need your prescription medications and leave a comment here telling us about your experience with them.