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5 “NO’s” to Create an Obesity free World


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Food is the fuel for the body and it has a direct impact on the body but sometimes, the wrong food habits and lifestyle can make an individual obese. Although obesity is reversible and easy to maintain, there are lots of ways we can prevent the condition.


People are generally concerned about their weight and it’s a common scenario in our current society. There is an ideal weight for everyone, when she/he crosses the limit then that person is called obese. Eating a balanced diet and being active on a daily basis is a must to keep the body fit and maintaining a healthy weight.

There are some factors if properly maintained, can keep obesity at a distance. This article describes five main reasons behind obesity that people love to do and which should be prohibited:-

  1. No to fast-food: Fast-food is yummy and easily available and accessible. It is therefore popular with everyone including children and adults. Fast-food hardly contains any nutritional value that is good for one’s health. Moreover it piles more fat and excessive calories in the body.
  2. No sleeping after lunch: Generally after eating a heavy lunch, we feel really tired so we want to take a nap especially on a working day. During the weekend we sleep after the lunch, which causes the body to grow extra fat. This should therefore be avoided.
  3. No eating in front of the television: This is a popular habit for many people especially among the teenagers. When we eat and watch television at the same time, concentration is lost thus; we tend to eat more than necessary gaining weight.
  4. No to sleeping late: The digestive system tends to work well when one is sleeping. Therefore, sleeping in time is very important for keeping the weight in a balance.
  5. No to depression: Try to deal with any existing depression because it is directly related to gaining extra weight. This is because we eat more than necessary when we are depressed. Moreover we become lazy and lethargic because of the depression. Thus, it helps to get treated for the depression. To do this, you can do meditation, hang out with friends and indulge in activities that you love to lift your moods.

These five tips can help the whole world to be obesity-free world. If any individual follows these she/he can avoid obesity easily. In addition to these facts there are treatments available for dealing with obesity.

There are also drugs and medication for the obesity and obesity related health issues. Therefore, if an obese person has the right motivation and dedication, living obesity-free is doable with a little help. But you need to be dedicated and determined.

In the world today, obesity is growing rampant and according to a survey, global obesity has more than doubled since 1980. In the Middle East there has been a 100% increase in obesity since 1990 while more than 1.4 billion adults over the age of 20 are overweight since 2008 (That’s about 20% of the global population)! Such statistics point to an alarmingly growing trend which threatens to overwhelm the world in a few years to come.

Cancer, AIDs, swine flu etc. are some of the diseases with no cure that have been causing millions of death around the world. However, in 10 years the scenario will change as people will be dying from obesity-related complications.

To avoid this, people should take obesity seriously by taking advantage of the available treatment options. Not every option has your best interest at heart which is why people are encouraged to do a thorough research on the subject and consult their doctors first.

Again, not every treatment will work for you and that’s why it is wise to approach each of them with a grain of salt until you find one that agrees with your body type and metabolism.

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